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Austrian air rescue

2001 to present    

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2001/    SalzburgLOWS


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2001/    ec135

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
0025 EC135T1 1997 OE-XEA: CFV; 2012 Christophorus 2
0050 EC135T1 OE-XEB: CFV
Schider Helicopter Service OE-XRS: SHS; ex OE-XEB
0053 EC135T1 1998 OE-XEC: CFV
OE-XEC: 2011 Christophorus 16
- HA-ECI: Magyar Légimentő Nonprofit Kft. Debrecen by Oct16
0072 EC135T1 1998 OE-XED: CFV; 2009 Christophorus 6
- 390: Dec12 Sölden, Austria as a rescue helicopter
0097 EC135T1 1999 OE-XEE: CFV; May11 Christophorus 2
0127 EC135T1 1999 OE-XEF: CFV /Alpin 6; Mar10 pictured at the Austrian Alps
OE-XEF: Jul11 Christophorus 2
OE-XEF: Apr14 Christophorus 16
0128 EC135T1 1999 OE-XEG: CFV; 2010 Christophorus 6
0160 EC135T1 2000 OE-XEH: CFV d/d 2001; w/o 01apr06
0168 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEI: CFV ex D-HECO; 2004 Christophorus 9; conv ec135t2
OE-XEI: CFV; 2008 type:T2 Christophorus 12; 2013 type:T2 Christophorus 11
Eurocopter Germany D-HECO: Eurocopter toward OE-XEI
0181 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEJ: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEJ: 2011 type:T2 Christophorus 15
0182 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEK: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEK: 2009 type:T2 Christophorus 2
OE-XEK: Jun14 type:T2 Christophorus 10
0187 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEL: CFV, test serial D-HECJ; 28jun03 pictured at Zeltweg AB, Austria; conv EC.+
OE-XEL: 2011 type:T2 Christophorus 3
0196 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEM: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEM: 2007 type:T2 Christophorus 10
0199 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEN: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEN: 2013 type:T2 Christophorus 2
0205 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEO: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEO: 2009 type:T2 Christophorus 2
0210 EC135T1 2001 OE-XEP: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEP: 2013 type:T2 Christophorus 15
0220 EC135T1 2002 OE-XEQ: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XEQ: 2009 type:T2 Christophorus 3
0221 EC135T1 2002 OE-XER: CFV; conv ec135t2
OE-XER: Jan12 type:T2 Christophorus 3
0305 EC135T2 2003 OE-XES: CFV, test serial D-HECR; 07may07 pictured by D-Kuru at unk
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECB: Air Ambulance Hungary from Nov07, lsd; 2013 still
SHT OE-XES: Medi Heli Finland Jun/Oct 2005, op by SHT; leased while waiting for own copters
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECB: Jul14 Miskolc Air Ambulance
0308 EC135T2 2003 OE-XET: CFV; Jul12 Christophorus 3
0325 EC135T2 2004 OE-XEU: CFV, test serial D-HECN
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECD: Air Ambulance Hungary from Nov07, lsd
0359 EC135T2 2004 OE-XEV: CFV 2004-2007
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECE: Air Ambulance Hungary from Nov07, lsd; w/o 31jul08 at Kiskunlachaza
0368 EC135T2 2004 OE-XEW: CFV 2004-2007
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECF: Air Ambulance Hungary from Nov07, lsd
0387 EC135T2 2005 OE-XEX: CFV 2005-2009
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECG: Air Ambulance Hungary from Apr09, lsd
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECG: 26jul15 at Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix
Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECG: 16may16 at Miskolc
0521 ec135t2+ 2006 OE-XEY: CFV; 2010 Christophorus 5; 2011 Christophorus 1; Oct13 Christophorus 5
0526 ec135t2+ 2006 OE-XEZ: CFV pictured 13jun09
OE-XEZ: 2013 Christophorus 7
0082 EC135T1 1999 OE-XHZ: pictured as OAMTC Gallus 1, op by Wucher
Elilario Italia I-HMED: Elilario Italia 2003~2008, ntu D-HBYI
INAER EC-KUD: INAER by Apr09; Policia Conselleria Governació ( Generalitat Valenciana )
Wucher Helicopter OE-XHZ: Wucher Helicopter by Apr11
Spanish Local Polices EC-KUD: Valencia police, op by INAER
0533 ec135t2+ OE-XVA: CFV
0633 ec135t2+ 2007 OE-XVB: CFV ex D-HTSH. from Jan08; Mar09 Christophorus 1
OE-XVB: 2011 Christophorus 5; 2013 Christophorus 1
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSH: Eurocopter toward OE-XVB
0638 ec135t2+ OE-XVC: CFV; 2009 Christophorus 5
0327 EC135T2 2004 OE-XVD: OAMTC, Christophorus 1 in Innsbruck by Mar16
Aiut Alpin Dolomites D-HDOL: Aiut Alpin Dolomites at Pontives Heliport 2004-Apr06
Aiut Alpin Dolomites I-HALP: Aiut Alpin Dolomites Apr06; Mar15 still
0374 EC135T2 2004 OE-XVE: ÖAMTC from Nov14
OE-XVE: OAMTC, op by HeliAir; 04oct17 pictured (pic4) at Excel London for Helitech+
ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-EMS: ANWB; 2005 Lifeliner 1; 2007 Lifeliner 1
ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-EMS: 15sep12 pictured (pic1) at De Kooy during Heldair show. spare/training based at Lelystad
ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-EMS: 14jun13 pictured (pic2) at Luchtmachtdagen airshow, Volkel
ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-EMS: 26sep13 pictured (pic3) at Amsterdam
32 C/N found in this Organisation.

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