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36 RQS :

1952 to present    


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36th Rescue Squadron

1952-1965 : 36th Air Rescue Squadron ( 36 ARS )
1965-1966 : 36th Air Recovery Squadron ( 36 ARS )
1966-1972 : 36th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron ( 36 ARRS )
1993-2015 : 36th Rescue Flight( 36 RQF ), part of 336th Training Group
August 14, 2015 redesignated 36th Rescue Squadron

Aug65-Aug67, I had great days with service 36th ARS flight line crew chief HC-54D 4272666 AST crew chief HC-130H brand new 65-0965 Tachikawa, Japan TDY about 1 year, Udorn 20 day TDY. Received 130 April 1966

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36 Rescue Squadron Training So Others May Live, 29-Jun-18 : #training USAF PJs from 68th Rescue Squadron based Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona trained at Fairchild AFB in Washington with the UH-1N from 36th Rescue Helicopter Squadron


1993/    Fairchild AFBKSKA
1972JP Kadena AFBRODN
1969/72JP Yokota Air BaseRJTY
1960/69JP TachikawaRJTC
1952/60JP Iruma Air BaseRJTJ


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1993/    UH-1N
1964/65H-43 Huskie
1961/64S-55 H-19
1952/60S-55 H-19

36 RQS List of helicopters

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31019 UH-1N 69-6613 : asg 36th RQS pictured (pic2) in its hangar at Fairchild AFB
: asg 36th RQS, Fairchild AFB
: asg 36th RQS pictured (pic3) during Skyfest 2019 Open House and Airshow a+
31047 UH-1N 69-6641 : asg 36th RQS pictured (pic1) (pic2) during the survival, evasion, resista+
31054 UH-1N 69-6648 : asg 36th RQS pictured training with the 92nd Security Forces Squadron Mi+
31059 UH-1N 69-6653 : asg 36th RQS pictured with a R-11 fuel truck from 92nd Logistics Readines+

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