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  • 1939 to 1989    

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    1974/89CH-47C Chinook

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    b-698 ch-47c A15-001: B.698/E.001. BuNo 73-21970. w/o 04feb85
    b-700 ch-47c A15-002: B.700/E.002/M.3451. BuNo 73-21971. conv CH-47D xfer Army as A15-102
    b-701 ch-47c A15-003: B.701/E.003/M.3452. BuNo 73-21972. conv CH-47D xfer Army as A15-103
    b-702 ch-47c A15-004: B.702/E.004/M.3453. BuNo 73-21973. conv CH-47D xfer Army as A15-104
    b-703 ch-47c A15-005: B.703/E.005/M.3455. BuNo 73-21974. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0928
    b-704 ch-47c A15-006: B.704/E.006/M.3454. BuNo 73-21975. conv CH-47D xfer Army as A15-106
    b-705 ch-47c A15-007: B.705/E.007/M.3456. BuNo 73-21976. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0929
    b-706 ch-47c A15-008: B.706/E.008/M.3457. BuNo 73-21977. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0930
    b-707 ch-47c A15-009: B.707/E.009/M.3458. BuNo 73-21978. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0931
    b-708 ch-47c A15-010: B.708/E.010/M.3459. BuNo 73-21979. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0932
    b-709 ch-47c A15-011: B.709/E.011/M.3460. BuNo 73-21980. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0933
    b-710 ch-47c A15-012: B.710/E.012/M.3461. BuNo 73-21981. Ret USArmy as CH-47D 93-0934
    12 C/N found in this Organisation.