australia 5th Aviation Regiment

Australian Army Aviation

1987 to present    

Deployed 3x CH-47D to Jordan during Operation Falconer.

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2003JO Al AzraqOJ40
1987/    TownsvilleYBTL


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2015/    CH-47F Chinook
2009/    MRH90 Taipan
1995/16CH-47D Chinook
1989/    S-70A-9 Black Hawk

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
M.3451 ch-47d A15-102: ex RAAF CH-47C A15-002 BuNo 73-21971
A15-102: w/o 30may11 with 5th AvnRgt attached to US Army 159AvBr crashed probably +
M.3452 ch-47d A15-103: ex RAAF CH-47C A15-003 BuNo 73-21972
A15-103: w/o 22jun12 emergency landing Kandahar province, Afghanistan
M.3453 ch-47d A15-104: ex RAAF CH-47C A15-004 BuNo 73-21973
A15-104: preserved at Army Museum of Flying, Oakey, QLD
M.3454 ch-47d A15-106: ex RAAF CH-47C A15-006 BuNo 73-21975
A15-106: Apr15 to RAAF Museum Point Cook
M.3297 ch-47d A15-151: Australian Army d/d 08jun12 5 Avn Regt, Townsville; ex 89-00143
US Army Aviation 89-00143: May11 pictured approaching runway 16 at Dublin, Ireland
US Army Aviation 89-00143: US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47C 68-15829; 1998 F/159AVN.; mid May11 nose art TAILWIND in Ireland for su...
M.3317 ch-47d A15-152: Australian Army d/d 08jun12 5 Avn Regt, Townsville ex 89-00163
A15-152: 06aug15 at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia to be added a+
US Army Aviation 89-00163: US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47C 70-15023; mid May11 in Ireland for support HMX-1. B/5-158AVN
US Army Aviation 89-00163: 18may11 pictured Arriving at Dublin, Ireland. The nose inscription reads Place politically correct n...
M.4036 ch-47d A15-201: Army d/d 2001, boeing serial N2138T Oct99-Mar01; unkd date pictured at Ka+
M.4037 ch-47d A15-202: Army d/d 2001, Boeing serial N2142V Oct99-Mar01
A15-202: wfu 19apr16; preserved at Australian War Memorial (AWM) Treloar Centre
ch-47f A15-301: Australia Army d/d 06may15 Townsville commissioning ceremony
ch-47f A15-302: Australia Army d/d 06may15 Townsville commissioning ceremony
A15-302: Aug16 pictured aboard HMAS Adelaide (L01) near Tasmania in cold weather tr+
ch-47f A15-303: Australia Army; Jul16 picture during Darwin’s 1st Brigade Exercise Hame+
ch-47f A15-304: Australia Army
ch-47f A15-305: Australia Army
ch-47f A15-306: Australia Army
ch-47f A15-307: Australia Army d/d 10aug15
70-1067 s-70a-9 A25-101: Pegasus 0854. f/f 11sep87. built in USA. to RAAF 9 squadron 31dic87
A25-101: 2006 171Sqn.
A25-101: Is actually the only Aussie S70A-9 that has a UH-60 airframe, the remainde+
A25-101: Mar15 airlifted by RAAF C-17 to Vanuatu for Operation Pacific Assist 2015
Royal Australian Air Force A25-101: RAAF d/d 31dec87; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1089 s-70a-9 A25-102: Arion 0876. f/f 10apr88
Royal Australian Air Force A25-102: RAAF d/d 11may88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1107 s-70a-9 A25-103: Armageddon 0894. f/f 20sep88
Royal Australian Air Force A25-103: RAAF d/d 05oct88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1115 s-70a-9 A25-104: Rampage 0902. f/f 13jul88
A25-104: took part in Bundaberg flood relief operations on 28 Jan 2013 with 5 Av Rg+
Royal Australian Air Force A25-104: RAAF d/d 30jul88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1123 s-70a-9 A25-105: Army Dauntless 0910; 30aug06 pictured (bot) with B sqd 5 Av Rgt on hospita+
Royal Australian Air Force A25-105: RAAF d/d 31aug88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Royal Australian Air Force A25-105: Sep88 pictured (top) at RAAF Townsville
70-1127 s-70a-9 A25-106: Lancer 0914
Royal Australian Air Force A25-106: RAAF d/d 18nov88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1135 s-70a-9 A25-107: Formidable 0921. f/f 6dic88
Royal Australian Air Force A25-107: RAAF d/d 19dec88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1140 s-70a-9 A25-108: Vigilance 926. f/f 13jan89
Royal Australian Air Force A25-108: RAAF d/d 27jan89; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
70-1144 s-70a-9 A25-109: Aegis 0930. f/f 12jan89
70-1146 s-70a-9 A25-110: Apocalypse 0932. f/f 12mar89
A25-110: Mar15 airlifted by RAAF C-17 to Vanuatu for Operation Pacific Assist 2015;+
70-1160 s-70a-9 A25-111: Barbarian 0946
70-1172 s-70a-9 A25-112: Saracen 0958 f/f 20may89
A25-112: 08jul09 pictured on USS Essex (LHD 2) in the Coral Sea
70-1178 s-70a-9 A25-113: 0964, f/f 21jun89; w/o 12jun96 in night mid air collision with A25-209 nea+
70-1186 s-70a-9 1989 A25-114: Army; Cossack 0972 f/f 18jul89; 25feb10 pictured conducting deck-landing q+
A25-114: 24jul12 noted flying over Campbelltown, Sydney
70-1292 s-70a-9 A25-201: Hercules 1078. built in USA
70-1299 s-70a-9 A25-202: Vengeance 1085
70-1309 s-70a-9 A25-203: Endeavour 1095. f/f 14sep89
70-1321 s-70a-9 A25-204: Warhorse 1107. f/f 5oct89
70-1324 s-70a-9 A25-205: Raptor 1110. f/f 28oct89
A25-205: 16apr15 pictured in Canberra during Special Operations Training
70-1332 s-70a-9 A25-206: Resolute 1118. f/f 14nov89
70-1344 s-70a-9 A25-207: Calaphact 1130. f/f 8dic89
70-1346 s-70a-9 A25-208: Vanquish 1132. f/f 20dic89
70-1352 s-70a-9 A25-209: 1138, f/f 5feb90; w/o 12jun96 in night mid air collision with A25-113 near+
70-1348 s-70a-9 A25-210: Dragoon 1334. f/f 27feb90
70-1360 s-70a-9 A25-211: Viper 1146. f/f 13mar90
70-1364 s-70a-9 A25-212: Waler 1150. f/f 12apr90. dam 1mar96 struck trees with australian prime min+
70-1372 s-70a-9 A25-213: Tenacious 1158. f/f 4may90
70-1382 s-70a-9 A25-214: Tempest 1168. f/f 25may90
A25-214: took part in Bundaberg flood relief operations on 28 Jan 2013 with 5 Av Rg+
70-1406 s-70a-9 A25-215: Excalibur 1192. f/f 4jul90
70-1387 s-70a-9 A25-216: 1173. f/f 4jul90. w/o 12feb04 near Mt Walker. no casualties
70-1328 s-70a-9 A25-217: 1114. w/o 29jun92 near Oakey. 2 fatalities
70-1392 s-70a-9 A25-218: Invincible 1178. f/f 14aug90
70-1410 s-70a-9 A25-219: Harlequin. f/f 30aug90
70-1414 s-70a-9 A25-220: Hussar. f/f 7sep90
70-1416 s-70a-9 A25-221: Phoenix. f/f 11oc90. w/o 29nov06 rolled over the deck of HMAS Kanimbla off+
70-1427 s-70a-9 A25-222: Sabre. f/f 24oct90
70-1432 s-70a-9 A25-223: Patriot. f/f 14nov90
70-1440 s-70a-9 A25-224: Destrier 1226. f/f 6dic90
70-1444 s-70a-9 A25-225: Bold 1228. f/f 14jan91
1063 mrh90 A40-001: Army; Dec12 5 Avn Regt
Eurocopter France F-ZVLF: 1063/TAUA01
1097 mrh90 A40-003: 1097/TAUA03, test serial F-ZWTX
1107 mrh90 A40-004: 1107/TAUA04, test serial F-ZWRU
1106 mrh90 2009 A40-005: 1106/TAUA05; Army
1158 mrh90 A40-007: 1158/TAUA07
1159 mrh90 A40-008: Army from Feb11 5 Avn Regt
Royal Australian Navy A40-008: 1159/TAUA08; RAN 2009-2011
1160 mrh90 A40-010: 1160/TAUA10
1196 mrh90 A40-011: Mar16 pictured asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji for relief operations after Cyclone +
Royal Australian Navy A40-011: 1196/TAUA11; Feb11 RAN 808Sqn
1204 mrh90 A40-012: 1204/TAUA12
1189 mrh90 A40-013: 28feb17 on display at Avalon 2017
Royal Australian Navy A40-013: 1189/TAUA13; Feb13 RAN 808Sqn
1193 mrh90 2008 A40-014: 1193/TAUA14
1194 mrh90 A40-015: 1194/TAUA15, test serial 98+96
1199 mrh90 A40-016: 1199/TAUA16
1201 mrh90 A40-018: 1201/TAUA18
1203 mrh90 A40-020: 1203/TAUA20
1240 mrh90 A40-023: 1240/TAUA23; 2014 5 Avn Regt
1253 mrh90 A40-024: 1253/TAUA24; 2013 5 Avn Regt
mrh90 A40-028: 22mar16 asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji Taveuni Island for relief operations
Royal Australian Navy A40-028: TAUA28; 2014 asg 808 Sqn
mrh90 A40-031: TAUA31
mrh90 A40-032: TAUA32; 22mar16 asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji Taveuni Island for relief operati+
mrh90 A40-041: TAUA41
75 C/N found in this Organisation.


mar-06apr-07AF ISAF
feb-03mar-03IQ Operation Falconer

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