usa 432d Tactical Drone Group

US Air Force

432 TDG :

1976 to 1979    

432d Tactical Drone Group US Air Force

432d Tactical Drone Group
They performed photographic reconnaissance with the AQM-34 tactical drones. These were launched from DC-130 Hercules aircraft and after they had completed their mission were recovered (in flight!) by the CH-3 helicopters

As I remember it became part of the 432nd TAC group in 1970 and in 1971 we became the 11th TDS. The drones as I recall were Firebees. The C-130 were 496 and 497. We were part of a Sperry Rand drone development project.

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1976/79Davis-Monthan AFBKDMA


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1976/79S-61 H-3

432 TDG List of helicopters

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61-541 ch-3c 1965 65-5690 : Jan79 pictured (top) with 432 TDG (Tactical Drone Group) /11 TDS at Davis +

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