usa 432d Tactical Drone Group

US Air Force

432 TDG :

1976 to 1979    

432d Tactical Drone Group US Air Force

432d Tactical Drone Group
They performed photographic reconnaissance with the AQM-34 tactical drones. These were launched from DC-130 Hercules aircraft and after they had completed their mission were recovered (in flight!) by the CH-3 helicopters

As I remember it became part of the 432nd TAC group in 1970 and in 1971 we became the 11th TDS. The drones as I recall were Firebees. The C-130 were 496 and 497. We were part of a Sperry Rand drone development project.
1979-1980, the 432 TDG was disbanded around 79/80 at DM AFB. I know since I was one of the helicopter crew chiefs and we all were re-assigned. The CH-3 helos were fitted with a large winch assembly attached to floor in the center part of the cabin/fuselage, with a long steel pole out the cargo ramp to guide the cable. The winch cable would be unwound when the drone mission was complete and the large hook at the end of the cable would snatch the drone to retrieve it to be used again. One thing the drones did was unleash chaff to blind enemy radar. Our slogan was "Phfff On You!" And Home of the Hunters, the drone being a "Hunter".

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1976/79Davis-Monthan AFBKDMA


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1976/79S-61 H-3

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61-541 ch-3c 1965 65-5690 : pictured (top) with 432 TDG (Tactical Drone Group) /11 TDS at Davis Month+

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