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450 THS :

1974 to present    

450 squadron Canadian Armed Forces

450 Heavy Transport Helicopter Squadron was formed at RCAF Station St. Hubert, Quebec, on March 29, 1968. The squadron moved to Canadian Forces Base Ottawa (Uplands) in May, 1970, and the squadron received Royal Assent for the designation 450 Transport Helicopter Squadron on May 20, 1970. On August 1, 1991, the squadron became 450 Composite Helicopter Squadron and then 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron on April 1, 1993. The squadron moved back to RCAF Station St. Hubert in August, 1994.

The CH-147 Chinook helicopter was withdrawn from service in the autumn of 1991. 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron continued to operate CH-135 Twin Huey helicopters in support of the RCMP and Joint Task Force 2 after the Chinook’s retirement. In 1996, 450 Squadron was deactivated after almost three decades of uniquely tactical aviation (helicopter) service to the Canadian Armed Forces and was formally disbanded on January 1, 1998.

On May 2, 2012, the squadron was re-established as 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron to fly the RCAF’s new CH-147F Chinook helicopters. The F-model Chinook was officially welcomed to Canada in a ceremony in Ottawa on June 27, 2013. It is much more advanced than its C-model predecessor, and includes systems such as extended-range fuel tanks, and state-of-the-art electro-optical/infra-red sensor systems that allow crews to operate effectively in very low light or reduced visibility conditions.

The squadron is based at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, and reports to 1 Wing Headquarters in Kingston, Ontario. The squadron’s motto is “BY AIR TO BATTLE”.

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News of 450 squadron

Air Assault Training Over Petawawa, 05-Jul-16 : Canadian and American forces took part in a large multi-national air assault training exercise at Garrison Petawawa, Ontario

CH-147F Chinook Responding to Alberta Wildfires, 08-May-16 : For the first time Canadian CH-147F Chinook operating on a domestic humanitarian operation. Under Operation Lentus, 450 Squadron joins CH-146 Griffons in Province of Alberta emergency response efforts

RCAF Aircrew Ready for CH-147F Chinook, 24-Feb-16 : The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron has 10 newly qualified airmen for its CH-147F Chinook helicopters

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2012/    PetawawaCYWA
1994/96CFB St. HubertCYHU
1970/93CUUP - Ottawa Macdonald CartierCYOW
1968/70CFB St. HubertCYHU


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2013/    CH-147F Chinook
1991/97CH-135 Twin Huey
1975/91CH-147 Chinook

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
32001 ch-135 135101: BuNo 70-15650. AETE. w/o 06apr77
32002 ch-135 135102: BuNo 70-15651. Preserved National Air Force Museum of Canada at Trenton
32003 ch-135 135103: BuNo 70-15652. to civ as N212TP
- N212TP: National Test Pilot School at Mojave, CA 1998
32004 ch-135 135104: BuNo 70-15653. to Colombian Army as EJC-203/CN-01
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-203: Av.Ej CN-01. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135104
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4203: May13 UH-1N in Aviation Air Assault Division TOLEMAIDA
32005 ch-135 135105: BuNo 70-15654. to Colombian Army as EJC-226/CN-29
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-226: Av.Ej CN-29. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135105
32006 ch-135 135106: BuNo 70-15655. to Colombian Army as EJC-227/CN-30
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-227: Av.Ej CN-30. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135106
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4227: May13 UH-1N in Aviation Air Assault Division TOLEMAIDA
32007 ch-135 135107: BuNo 70-15656. to Colombian Army as EJC-225/CN-22
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-225: Av.Ej CN-22. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135107. w/o 01aug02
32008 ch-135 135108: BuNo 70-15657. to Colombian Army as EJC-204/CN-02
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-204: Av.Ej CN-02. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135108
Colombian Navy ARC-220: Colombia Navy 220 d/d Apr.09; ex EJC-204, CAF 135108
32009 ch-135 135109: BuNo 70-15658. to US Gov as N83033. to Colombian Police as PNC-5003/N-01
Colombian National Police PNC-5003: Policia N-01. ex N83033. ex canada 135109
32010 ch-135 135110: BuNo 70-15659. to Colombian Army as EJC-209/CN-03
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-209: Av.Ej CN-03. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135110
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4209: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32011 ch-135 135111: BuNo 70-15660. to US Gov as N54623. to Colombian Police as PNC-5006/N-07
Colombian National Police PNC-5006: Policia N-07. ex N54623. ex canada 135111
32012 ch-135 135112: BuNo 70-15661. to Colombian Army as EJC-228/CN-31
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-228: Av.Ej CN-31. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135112
32013 ch-135 135113: BuNo 70-15662. to Colombian Army as EJC-220/CN-32
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-220: Av.Ej CN-32. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135113
Colombian Navy ARC-219: Colombia Navy 219 d/d Apr.09; ex EJC-220, CAF 135113
32014 ch-135 135114: CAF type:CH-135; 1984 424Sqn.
135114: BuNo 70-15663. yellow cammo. preserved National Aviation Museum Rockcliffe
32015 ch-135 135115: BuNo 70-15664. 408 sqd. w/o 10oct91
135115: crashed near Burks Falls, Ontario: CP Lt Wellman Killed, Plt Gord Wytsma +
32016 ch-135 135116: BuNo 70-15665. to Colombian Army as EJC-205/CN-04
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-205: Av.Ej CN-04. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135116
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4205: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
US Department of State N91378: State Dept from Dec17
US Department of State N91378: State Dept from Jul07
32017 ch-135 135117: BuNo 70-15666. to US Gov as N12328
US Department of State N12328: State Dept; ex CAF 135117
32018 ch-135 135118: BuNo 70-15667. 430 sqd. w/o 10jun72
32019 ch-135 135119: CAF CH-135 type BuNo 70-15668; 1984 424Sqn
135119: w/o 28jan88 Cat A crash near Timmons, Ontario. Investigation revealed th+
32020 ch-135 135120: BuNo 70-15669. to Colombian Army as EJC-218/CN-33
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-218: Av.Ej CN-33. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135120
32021 ch-135 135121: BuNo 70-15670. to Colombian Army as EJC-200/CN-05
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-200: Av.Ej CN-05. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135121
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4200: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32022 ch-135 135122: BuNo 70-15671. 422 sqd. w/o 21jun73
32023 ch-135 135123: BuNo 70-15672. to Colombian Army as EJC-206/CN-06
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-206: Av.Ej CN-06. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135123
Colombian Navy ARC-221: Colombia Navy 221 d/d Apr.09; ex EJC-206, CAF 135123
32024 ch-135 135124: CAF type:CH-135; 1984 427Sqn.
135124: BuNo 70-15673. to US Gov as N72643. to Colombian Police as PNC-5007/N-08
Colombian National Police PNC-5007: Policia N-08. ex N72643. ex canada 135124
32025 ch-135 135125: CAF type:CH-135; 1984 427Sqn.
135125: BuNo 70-15674. to Colombian Army as EJC-207/CN-07
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-207: Av.Ej CN-07. ex Canada 135125. to Colombian Police as PNC-5009
Colombian National Police PNC-5009: Policia CN-07. ex canada 135125. ex colombian army EJC-207
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4207: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32026 ch-135 135126: BuNo 70-15675. to Colombian Police as PNC-5004/N-02
Colombian National Police PNC-5004: Policia N-02. ex canada 135126
32027 ch-135 135127: BuNo 70-15676. CAF yellow cammo. to Colombian Army as EJC-221/CN-21
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-221: Av.Ej CN-21. ex canada 135127. to Colombian Police as PNC-5010
Colombian National Police PNC-5010: Policia. ex colombian army EJC-221
32028 ch-135 135128: BuNo 70-15677. MFO. w/o 09dec89
32029 ch-135 135129: BuNo 70-15678. to Colombian Army as EJC-223/CN-27
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-223: Av.Ej CN-27. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135129. w/o 01dec03
32030 ch-135 135130: BuNo 70-15679. to Colombian Army as EJC-232/CN-24
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-232: Av.Ej CN-24. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135130
32031 ch-135 135131: BuNo 70-15680. to Colombian Army as EJC-210/CN-08
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-210: Av.Ej CN-08. ex Canada 135131. to colombia police as PNC-5011
Colombian National Police PNC-5011: Policia CN-08. ex canada 135131. ex colombian army EJC-210
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4210: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32032 ch-135 135132: BuNo 70-15681. to Colombian Army as EJC-211/CN-09
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-211: Av.Ej CN-09. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135132
32033 ch-135 135133: BuNo 70-15682. to Colombian Army as EJC-229/CN-23
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-229: Av.Ej CN-23. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135133. damage 01dec03 ?
Colombian Navy ARC-222: Colombia Navy 222 d/d Apr.09; ex EJC-229, CAF 135133
32034 ch-135 135134: BuNo 70-15683. to Colombian Army as EJC-214/CN-10
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-214: Av.Ej CN-10. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135134
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4214: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4214: w/o 16oct13 crashed at Maicao in La Guajira Department, near Venezuela border presumably due strong ...
32035 ch-135 135135: BuNo 70-15684. CAF yellow cammo. to US Gov as N78790. to Colombian Police +
Colombian National Police PNC-5008: Policia N-09. ex N78790. ex canada 135135. w/o 18jan02
32036 ch-135 135136: BuNo 70-15685. to Colombian Army as EJC-222/CN-19
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-222: Av.Ej CN-19. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135136
32037 ch-135 135137: BuNo 70-15686. to US Gov as N16995. to Colombian Police as PNC-5005/N-03
Colombian National Police PNC-5005: Policia N-03. ex N16995. ex canada 135137. scrapped
32038 ch-135 135138: BuNo 70-15687. 427 sqd. w/o 14feb72
32039 ch-135 135139: BuNo 70-15688. to Colombian Army as EJC-230/CN-25
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-230: Av.Ej CN-25. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135139
Colombian Navy ARC-223: Colombia Navy 223 d/d Apr.09; ex EJC-230, CAF 135139
32040 ch-135 135140: CAF BuNo 70-15689; May.94 pictured in WWII markings KH-T representing a Sp+
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-219: Av.Ej CN-28. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135140
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4219: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32041 ch-135 135141: BuNo 70-15690. to Colombian Army as EJC-208/CN-11
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-208: Av.Ej CN-11. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135141. to Colombian Police as PNC-5012
Colombian National Police PNC-5012: Policia CN-11. ex canada 135141. ex colombian army EJC-208
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4208: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32042 ch-135 135142: BuNo 70-15691. to Colombian Army as EJC-212/CN-12
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-212: Av.Ej CN-12. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135142
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4212: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32043 ch-135 135143: BuNo 70-15692. to Colombian Army as EJC-231/CN-26
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-231: Av.Ej CN-26. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135143
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4231: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32044 ch-135 135144: BuNo 70-15693. to Colombian Army as EJC-201/CN-13
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-201: Av.Ej CN-13. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135144
Colombian Navy ARC-224: Colombia Navy 224 d/d Apr.09; ex EJC-201, CAF 135144
32045 ch-135 135145: BuNo 70-15694. to Colombian Army as EJC-215/CN-14
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-215: Av.Ej CN-14. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135145
US Department of State N9103A: State Dept; Bureau of Intl Narcotics (INL) Jul07-Aug17
32046 ch-135 135146: BuNo 70-15695. to Colombian Army as EJC-224/CN-20
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-224: Av.Ej CN-20. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135146
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4224: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32047 ch-135 135147: BuNo 70-15696. to Colombian Army as EJC-213/CN-15
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-213: Av.Ej CN-15. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135147
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4213: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32048 ch-135 135148: BuNo 70-15697. to Colombian Army as EJC-216/CN-16
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-216: Av.Ej CN-16. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135148
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4216: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32049 ch-135 135149: BuNo 70-15698. to Colombian Army as EJC-202/CN-17
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-202: Av.Ej CN-17. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135149
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4202: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
32050 ch-135 135150: BuNo 70-15699. to Colombian Army as EJC-217/CN-18
Colombian Army Aviation EJC-217: Av.Ej CN-18. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135150
b-718 ch-147 1974 147001: CH-47C G-001. BuNo 74-22058. w/o 18oct74 prior delivery. Replaced by 14700+
b-723 ch-147 1974 147002: CH-47C G-002. BuNo 74-22059. w/o 17aug82 Rankin Inlet, NWT
b-725 ch-147 1975 147003: CH-47C G-003. BuNo 74-22060. to Boeing as CH-47D B-725/M.3661 93-0661. to+
b-726 ch-147 1975 147004: CAF type:CH-147; 1984 450Sqn.
147004: CH-47C G-004. BuNo 74-22061. to Boeing as CH-47D B-726/M.3662 93-0662. to+
b-728 ch-147 1975 147005: CH-47C G-005 BuNo 74-22062; Aug83 pictured with 450 Sqn at CFB Edmonton; t+
147005: all-ways stationed with 450 Sqn Ottawa until sold
b-729 ch-147 1975 147006: CAF type:CH-147; 1988 447Sqn.
147006: CH-47C G-006. BuNo 74-22063. to Boeing as CH-47D B-729/M.3664 93-0664. to+
b-731 ch-147 1975 147007: CH-47C G-007. BuNo 74-22064. to Boeing as CH-47D B-731/M.3665 93-0665. to +
b-732 ch-147 1976 147008: CH-47C G-008. BuNo 74-22065. to Boeing as CH-47D B-732/M.3666 93-0666. to +
b-796 ch-147 1978 147009: CH-47C G-009. BuNo 74-22066. to Boeing as CH-47D B-796/M.3667 93-0667. to +
M.2051 ch-147f 2012 147301: RCAF
Boeing Helicopters N256CN: Boeing CH-147F for Canadian Forces f/f 24jun12
M.2052 ch-147f 2013 147302: del RCAF as CH-147F, 147302, 2013
M.2053 ch-147f 147303: RCAF d/d 21jun13, test serial N258CN
147303: 06aug13 Cf Garrison Petawawa Ontario 450 Sqn
147303: Aug14 from CFB Petawawa to Alert Nunavut and then Baffin Island spanned mo+
147303: 03jun15 pictured on static display at 22wing CFB North Bay for Canadian Ar+
M.2054 ch-147f 147304: ex N259CN, Mode S code A2792C. Built as CH-147F.
M.2055 ch-147f 147305: ex N260CN, Mode S code A27F3C. Built as CH-147F.
147305: 17jun16 picture taking off from Tanquary Fiord, Nunavut en route to CFS Al+
M.2056 ch-147f 147306: ex N261CN, Mode S code A282F3. Built as CH-147F.
M.2057 ch-147f 147307: ex N262CN, Mode S code A286AA. Built as CH-147F.
147307: Aug14 from CFB Petawawa to Alert Nunavut and then Baffin Island spanned mo+
147307: 19jun16 picture at CFS Alert during Operation Nevus
M.2058 ch-147f 147308: ex N263CN, Mode S code A28A61. Built as CH-147F.
M.2059 ch-147f 147309: ex N264CN, Mode S code A28E18. Built as CH-147F.
M.2060 ch-147f 147310: ex N265CN, Mode S code A291CF. Built as CH-147F.
147310: Jun17 pictured during Exercise Taureau Mouillé
M.2061 ch-147f 147311: ex N266CN, Mode S code A29586. Built as CH-147F.
M.2062 ch-147f 147312: ex N267CN, Mode S code A2993D. Built as CH-147F.
M.2063 ch-147f 147313: ex N268CN, Mode S code A29CF4. Built as CH-147F.
M.2064 ch-147f 147314: ex N269CN, Mode S code A2A0AB. Built as CH-147F.
M.2065 ch-147f 147315: ex N270CN, Mode S code A2A6BB. Built as CH-147F.
74 C/N found in this Organisation.

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