colombia escuela de helicopteros de las fuerzas armadas

Fuerza Aerea Colombiana

armed forces helicopter flying school
Colombian Air Force


escuela de helicopteros de las fuerzas armadas Fuerza Aerea Colombiana

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Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
uh-1h FAC238: FAC, BuNo unk; w/o 04jun84
uh-1h FAC239: FAC, BuNo unk; w/o 11apr83
10060 uh-1h FAC283: FAC, BuNo 67-18413; w/o 24dec76
uh-1h FAC286: FAC d/d 1969, BuNo unk; w/o 24dec76
uh-1h FAC287: FAC d/d 1973, BuNo unk; preserved at Cali
51525 206l-3 FAC3125: FAC, test serial N3125K
- HK-3727: ex FAC
51527 206l-3 FAC3126: FAC, test serial N3126F
- HK-3726X: ex FAC
11897 uh-1h FAC4207: FAC; Feb05 ESCAA 412; 2017 still
US Army Aviation 69-15609: US Army
10227 uh-1h FAC4226: FAC 226, BuNo 67-18413, reser 4226
10273 uh-1h FAC4228: FAC 228, BuNo 68-15343, reser 4228
10274 uh-1h FAC4229: FAC 229, BuNo 68-15344, reser 4229
12299 uh-1h FAC4230: FAC 230, BuNo 69-16722, reser 4230
10168 uh-1h FAC4231: FAC 231, BuNo 68-15238, reser 4231
11545 uh-1h FAC4232: FAC 232, BuNo 69-15257, reser 4232
11112 uh-1h FAC4237: FAC 237, BuNo 68-16453, reser 4237
3100 206b-3 FAC4258: FAC, lsd HK-2557
30255 205A-1 FAC4279: FAC 299A d/d unk, reser 4279
10058 uh-1h FAC4281: FAC 281, BuNo 67-18411, reser 4281
10059 uh-1h FAC4282: FAC 282, BuNo 67-18412, reser 4282
uh-1h FAC4283: FAC 283 d/d 1969, BuNo unk, reser 4283
uh-1h FAC4285: FAC 285 d/d 1973, BuNo unk, reser 4285
30248 205A-1 1976 FAC4288: FAC 288, reser 4288
30249 205A-1 FAC4289: FAC 289, reser 4289
30250 205A-1 FAC4290: FAC 290, reser 4290
30135 205A-1 1973 FAC4291: FAC 291, reser 4291; Escuadron 511 w/o 23nov00
30137 205A-1 FAC4292: FAC 292, reser 4292
30138 205A-1 FAC4293: FAC 293, reser 4293
30139 205A-1 FAC4294: FAC 294, reser 4294
FAC4294: w/o 19dec88 accident in Medellin
30140 205A-1 FAC4295: FAC 295, reser 4295
30141 205A-1 FAC4296: FAC 296, reser 4296
30251 205A-1 FAC4297: FAC 297, reser 4297
30253 205A-1 FAC4298: FAC 298, reser 4298
30254 205A-1 FAC4299: FAC 299, reser 4299
uh-1h FAC4403: FAC Huey II type
9868 uh-1h FAC4405: FAC Huey II type; 23jul15 pictured at Santa Rita, Vichada
5762 uh-1d FAC4410: FAC, BuNo 66-16068, conv to UH-1H; w/o 22nov95
9499 uh-1h FAC4415: FAC Huey II type, BuNo 67-17301
9492 uh-1h FAC4422: FAC Huey II type, BuNo 67-17294; Jun16
4593 206b-3 FAC4470: FAC from May07, test serial N7081M; 25.000 horas titles
4594 206b-3 FAC4471: FAC from May07, test serial N70797. Not confirmed
4595 206b-3 FAC4472: FAC from May07, test serial N7079W.
4596 206b-3 FAC4473: FAC from May07, test serial N7078B. Not confirmed
4597 206b-3 FAC4474: FAC from May07, test serial N70774; w/o 04aug08 by FARC at Cerro el Paso
4598 206b-3 FAC4475: FAC from May07, test serial N70775. Not confirmed
4599 206b-3 FAC4476: FAC from Aug07, test serial N7073U. Not confirmed
4600 206b-3 FAC4477: FAC from Aug07, test serial N70734. Not confirmed
4612 206b-3 FAC4478: AC from Aug07, test serial N8020J. Not confirmed
4615 206b-3 FAC4479: FAC from Aug07, test serial N8020Q. Not confirmed
4616 206b-3 FAC4480: FAC from Aug07, test serial N8007X. Not confirmed
4617 206b-3 FAC4481: FAC from Aug07, test serial N8007Y. Not confirmed
4679 206b-3 FAC4482: FAC from Jan10, test serial N12067
9850 uh-1h FAC4502: FAC, being converted to Huey II by Apr17
US Army Aviation 67-17652: US Army
US Department of State N328SD: State Dept at Patrick AFB Feb08-Aug11
uh-1h FAC4505: FAC d/d 2002, BuNo unk; w/o 29oct13 heavy landing and post fire during tra+
11257 uh-1h FAC4510: FAC
US Army Aviation 68-16598: US Army
US Department of State N347SD: State Dept Feb08
uh-1h FAC4520: FAC Huey II type
uh-1h FAC4523: FAC Huey II type
uh-1h FAC4531: FAC Huey II type; May15 picture
57 C/N found in this Organisation.

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