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  • france 5 Regiment D'Helicopteres de Combat

    Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre

    5 RHC : 5 combat helicopters regiment
    French Army Light Aviation

    1977 to present    


    5 RHC
    EHL.1 from 1977-jun1984, AlouetteII (1977-1978), Gazelle (1977-1984)
    EHL.2 from 1977-jun1984, Gazelle (1977-1984)
    EHLR.1 Mohicans from jul1985-jun1999, Gazelle (1985-1999)
    EHM.1 Buffalo from 1999-active, Puma (1999-active)
    The unit deployed 3 Puma to Mandelieu, to support possible extraction of delegates from the Nov 2011 G20 summit.

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    News of 5 Regiment D'Helicopteres de Combat

    Thirteen Killed in Mali in Helicopters Collision, 26-Nov-19 : #accident Thirteen French servicemen from Operation Barkhane died after a Tiger and a AS532 Cougar helicopters collided at Liptako Malian during a combat operation against jihadists. It is the French highest death toll in Mali since the beginning of the intervention of the Sahel in 2013 with Operation Serval


    2011Cannes MandelieuLFMD
    1977/    Pau UzeinLFBP


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    2003/    Tiger / Tigre
    1999/    SA330 Puma
    1977/    Gazelle


    20-may-1520-may-15BE THPU 2015
    01-aug-14ML Operation Barkhane
    14-jul-1414-jul-14 Quatorze Juillet 2014
    14-jul-1314-jul-13 Quatorze Juillet 2013
    02-nov-1105-nov-11 6th G20 Summit
    14-jul-1114-jul-11 Quatorze Juillet 2011
    14-jul-1014-jul-10 Quatorze Juillet 2010
    14-jul-0914-jul-09 Quatorze Juillet 2009
    08-sep-0515-sep-05BE Volcanex 2005