slovenia 15 Helikopterska Bataljon

Slovenska Vojska

15.HRB : 15 helicopter battalion
slovenian armed forces

2004 to present    

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2004/    412
2003/    AS532AL Cougar

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
33190 412sp H2-31: SAF in 2007 /31 15HRB
36042 412hp 1991 H2-32: SAF from 1996 ex S5-HAD.
H2-32: 24+25jun00 15 Brigada./32
H2-32: may09 15HRB./32 participated in SAR-Meet 2009 from Leeuwarden air base Net+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FMFR: BHTCL from 1991 to 1992 toward ???
36047 412hp H2-33:
H2-33: SAF; 24+25jun00 15 Brigada./33
36092 412ep H2-34:
H2-34: SAF; 24+25jun00 15 Brigada./34
36093 412ep H2-35: SAF; 24/25jul99 pictured (top) as 15 Brigada /35, SFOR markings at Fairfor+
H2-35: 24/25jun00 15 Brigada /35
H2-35: KFOR
H2-35: 18may15 pictured (bot) training with US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade during+
- S5-HGC: Bell Serial N22909, reser S5-HCE, to SAF
36102 412ep H2-36: Slovenian Air Force, ex S5-HNM; 03jul98 pictured with 15Brigade and SFOR+
H2-36: 24/25jun00 15 Brigada /36
- S5-HNM: Bell serial N76845, to SAF
36103 412ep H2-37: SAF; 24+25jun00 15 Brigada./37
36104 412ep H2-38: Slovenian Air Force; SFOR Bosnia
2580 as532al H3-71: SAF 15 Brigada
H3-71: 15may15 pictured training at Postonja with US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade +
Eurocopter France F-ZKBB: Eurocopter toward H3-71
2585 as532al H3-72: SAF 15 Brigada
Eurocopter France F-ZKBQ: Eurocopter toward H3-72
2597 as532al H3-73: SAF 15 Brigada
H3-73: Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo
Eurocopter France F-ZKBH: Eurocopter France
2598 as532al H3-74: SAF 15 Brigada. In 2008 flying with le quatorze juillet 14 July military p+
Eurocopter France F-ZKBK: Eurocopter toward H3-74
36042 412hp 1991 S5-HAD: SAF from 19?? to 1996 ex ??? toward H2-32 new serial
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FMFR: BHTCL from 1991 to 1992 toward ???
12 C/N found in this Organisation.


14-nov-1602-dec-16BE Black Blade 2016
may-09may-09NL SAR meet 2009

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