usa Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Seven

US Navy

HSM-77 Saberhawks
United States Naval Aviation

2009 to present    

hsm-77 mh-60r

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Seven
The squadron was redesignated April 2, 2009 from HSL-47 when transitioned from the SH-60B to the MH-60R variant of the Seahawk
In May 2012, an MH-60R from the unit embarked for a short period on RFA Fort Victoria, as part of its Combined Task Force 151 assignment.

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2012/nowJP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjōRJTA
2009/12NAS North IslandKNZY

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2009/now s-70 H-60     MH-60R Seahawk

Construction Numbers for HSM-77 Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
mh-60r 166541 : USN; HSM-77 /NE-700
mh-60r 166546 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NE-704; Mar14 HSM-71 /NG-701; Oct15 HSM-49 /TX-105
mh-60r 166548 : USN; HSM-77 /NE-706
mh-60r 166549 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NE-707
mh-60r 166550 : USN; HSM-77 /NE-710
mh-60r 166551 : USN; HSM-77 /NE-711
mh-60r 166556 : USN; HSM-77 /NE-712
mh-60r 166569 : USN; HSM-77 /NG-702
70-3276 mh-60r 166574 : US Navy; 2010 HSM-77./NG-707
mh-60r 166576 : US Navy; 2010 HSM-77 /NG-711
mh-60r 166577 : US Navy; 2010 HSM-77 /NG-712
70-3720 mh-60r 167017 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NF-700 special camo
mh-60r 167026 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NF-705
mh-60r 167031 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NF-701
mh-60r 167032 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NF-704
70-3800 mh-60r 167033 : USN; Jan13 HSM-77 /NF-702
mh-60r 167034 : USN; Mar13 HSM-77 /NF-706
mh-60r 167035 : USN; Mar13 HSM-77 /NF-703
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nov-13RP Typhoon Haiyan relief operations

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