italy 83 centro c/sar

Aeronautica Militare Italiana

83rd combat search and rescue
Italian Air Force
Part of 15° Stormo c/sar


83 is one of the 6 squadrons which belong to 15 Stormo wing.

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1980/10Rimini Miramare Federico FelliniLIPR

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2016/nowHH-101A Caesar
? to ?AS-61

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
31420 aw139m 2012 CSX81798 : AMI HH-139A type 15-42 d/d Jul12
6101 AS-61 MM80972: ASH-3D/TS VIP, 93 Gruppo Trasporti Speciali, 31 Stormo; Dec03 pictured (to+
MM80972: 25may08 pictured (bot) at Pratica Di Mare, Giornata Azurra Air Show 2008. +
6102 AS-61 MM80973: ASH-3D/TS VIP - 93 Gruppo Trasporti Speciali, 31 Stormo
6201 as-61r MM80974: HH-3F AMI 15-01
6202 as-61r MM80975: HH-3F AMI 15-02; 2007 pictured in special camo for 30 years/150.000 fligh+
6203 as-61r MM80976: HH-3F AMI 15-03
6204 as-61r MM80977: HH-3F AMI 15-04
6205 as-61r MM80978: HH-3F AMI 15-05
6206 as-61r MM80979: HH-3F AMI 15-06
6207 as-61r MM80980: HH-3F AMI 15-07
6208 as-61r MM80981: HH-3F AMI 15-10. Crash in France 23oct08
6209 as-61r MM80982: HH-3F AMI 15-11
MM80982: 2007 83 Centro
6210 as-61r MM80983: HH-3F AMI 15-12
6211 as-61r MM80984: HH-3F AMI 15-13
6212 as-61r MM80985: HH-3F AMI 15-14; 1977 pictured (top) in original colours at Le Bourget Par+
Civil Protection MM80985: pictured (bot) as CSAR type; 2012 noted 83 Gruppo
6213 as-61r MM80986: HH-3F AMI 15-15
MM80986: 26sep14 pictured in retire ceremony at Pratica di Mare
6214 as-61r MM80987: HH-3F AMI 15-16. w/o 19aug84
6215 as-61r MM80988: HH-3F AMI 15-19
6216 as-61r MM80989: HH-3F AMI 15-20
MM80989: 07oct15 pictured (pic1) at Cervia airport, 15° Stormo airbase
6217 as-61r MM80990: HH-3F AMI 15-21
6218 as-61r MM80991: HH-3F AMI 15-22
6219 as-61r MM80992: HH-3F AMI 15-23; noted date unk
6220 as-61r MM80993: HH-3F AMI 15-24. w/o 23apr86
6221 as-61r MM81337: HH-3F AMI 15-25. First Batch Bravo Combat SAR aircraft
6222 as-61r MM81338: HH-3F AMI 15-26. w/o 14apr05
6223 as-61r MM81339: HH-3F AMI 15-27
6224 as-61r MM81340: HH-3F AMI 15-28; 01jan93 pictured at Mogadishu Airport Somalia after an em+
6225 as-61r MM81341: HH-3F AMI 15-29
MM81341: 12sep10 pictured (pic2) at Rivolto Airport, Udine for the 50° Anniversary+
6226 as-61r MM81342: HH-3F AMI 15-30
6227 as-61r MM81343: HH-3F AMI 15-31; 20aug94 pictured at RAF Lossiemouth, UK during family day
MM81343: AMI in 2010 /15-31 83 C/SAR. ; may2010 participated in SAR-Meet 2010 from +
6228 as-61r MM81344: HH-3F AMI 15-32
6229 as-61r MM81345: HH-3F AMI 15-33
MM81345: AMI type:HH-3F; Oct94 84 Centro./15-33 participated in SAR meet 94 from Le+
6230 as-61r MM81346: HH-3F AMI 15-34; 06jun00 pictured at Aviano airbase during Veneto Rescue 2+
6231 as-61r MM81347: HH-3F AMI 15-35 (?)
6232 as-61r MM81348: HH-3F AMI 15-36
6233 as-61r MM81349: HH-3F AMI 15-37
MM81349: 01oct13 pictured at base aerea Albacete, Spain
6234 as-61r MM81350: HH-3F AMI 15-38; 25may08 pictured at Pratica Di Mare
6235 as-61r MM81351: HH-3F AMI 15-39. wfu jan2006
31403 aw139m 2012 MM81796: AMI HH-139A type 15-40 d/d Jan12
MM81796: 23apr14 pictured (pic2) at Marrakech Air show
MM81796: 07oct15 pictured (pic3) at Cervia, Ravenna 83 centro c/sar
MM81796: for 15° Stormo at Esercitazione Grifone 2017
31413 aw139m 2012 MM81797: AMI HH-139A type15-41 d/d Aug12; pictured (top) at 81 Centro Addestramento+
MM81797: 27mar14 pictured (bot) at Santiago during FIDAE 2014
MM81797: 17nov-01dec16 type HH-139A 81 CAE./15-41 at Albacete for TLP 2016-4
31420 aw139m 2012 MM81798: 09jul12 pictured (top) at Farnborough airshow, UK. AW159 ZZ404 on backgro+
MM81798: 19feb13 AW Service Station Cascina Costa , Italy
MM81798: 17jun13 pictured (bot) at Paris air show 2013
31427 aw139m MM81799: AMI HH-139A type 15-43 Jul12
MM81799: 04sep15 pictured at Rivolto airport, static display at 55° Anniversary F+
MM81799: 26aug17 pictured (pic 2) at Jesolo beach Venice (ITA) at International Air+
31434 aw139m MM81800: AMI HH-139A type 15-44 Jul12
MM81800: Oct15 pictured asg 82nd CSAR during Trident Juncture 2015
31439 aw139m MM81801: AMI HH-139A type 15-45 Jan13
31448 aw139m MM81802: AMI HH-139A type 15-46 Jan13
31469 aw139m 2013 MM81803: AMI HH-139A type 15-47 Mar13
31481 aw139m MM81804: AMI HH-139A type 15-48 May13
MM81804: 30aug13 pictured at Jesolo Beach Venice ITA International Air Show
MM81804: 17nov-01dec16 as 85th SAR /15-48 at Albacete for TLP 2016-4
31489 aw139m MM81805: AMI HH-139A type 15-49 Jul13
MM81805: Oct15 pictured (pic2) asg 82nd CSAR during Trident Juncture 2015
31404 aw139m 2012 MM81806: AMI VH-139A VIP type, Repubblica Italiana
31408 aw139m MM81807: AMI VH-139A VIP type Repubblica Italiana d/d Aug12, 31 Stormo
31521 aw139m 2013 MM81822: AMI HH-139A type 15-50 Dec13
31526 aw139m MM81823: AMI HH-139A type 15-51 Dec13
31528 aw139m MM81824: AMI HH-139A type 15-52 2014
MM81824: 04sep15 pictured (pic2) at Rivolto Airport, Spotting day 55 Anniversary Fr+
50257 hh-101a 2014 MM81864: AMI 15-01
MM81864: 04sep15 pictured (pic4) at Udine city, 55th Anniversary Frecce Tricolori
MM81864: 03oct15 at Trapani for Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 ; attended opening c+
MM81864: 07oct15 pictured (pic5) at Cervia airport, Associazione Arma Aeronautica +
MM81864: 09oct15 15° Stormo Cervia, Italy
MM81864: 04sep17 pictured (pic6) at Targi Kielce, Poland for MSPO 2017
AgustaWestland UK ZR352: AgustaWestland UK, AMI/CSAR01; 04feb14 pictured (pic1) at Yeovil
AgustaWestland UK ZR352: 20mar14 pictured (pic2) in AMI livery at Yeovil
AgustaWestland UK ZR352: 14jul14 pictured (pic3) at FIA14, HH-101 CSAR AMI type
50258 hh-101a 2014 MM81865: AMI 15-02 Jun14
AgustaWestland UK ZR353: AgustaWestland UK, AMI/CSAR02
50259 hh-101a 2015 MM81866: AMI 15-03 Jul15, test serial ZR354
MM81866: 04sep15 pictured (pic2) at Udine city Italy 55th Anniversary Frecce Trico+
MM81866: 10sep15 pictured at AgustaWestland Training Center and 72 Stormo base in F+
50260 hh-101a 2015 MM81867: AMI 15-04, test serial ZR355 Oct15
50261 hh-101a 2016 MM81868: AMI 15-05, test serial ZR356; 11jul16 pictured on display at FIA 2016
MM81868: 26aug17 pictured (pic3) at Jesolo city Venice (ITA) International Air Show
50263 hh-101a 2016 MM81869: Exercise Ca.STA march 2017
58 C/N found in this Organisation.


09-apr-1409-apr-14 SATER 01-14
17-may-1021-may-10BE SAR meet 2010

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