united kingdom 659 Squadron

Army Air Corps

Part of 9 Regiment, AAC

1943 to present    

659 Squadron

I was posted to 659 Squadron in 1971 following the completion of my pilot traing. The squadron was located in Osnabruck, Germany and was equiped with 6 Sioux and 3 or 4 Scouts. I left Osnabruck in 1973.

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2008/    AAC DishforthEGXD
1999YU Film City
1999MK PetrovecLWSK
1995/07AAC WattishamEGUW
1978/79Long Kesh
1977/    DE DetmoldEDLJ
1975Long Kesh
1974Long Kesh
1973AAC BallykellyEGQB
1969/76DE Osnabrück


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2009/??Lynx AH9A

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
319 ah7 1985 ZE375 : AAC; 1995 AH.9 type 659Sqn.
328 ah7 1987 ZE382 : AAC; 1998 AH.9 type 659Sqn /3
331 ah7 1987 ZF539 : AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Royal Marines ZF539 : Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
Everett Aero ZF539 : To Everett Aero by Apr 2018
332 ah7 1987 ZF540 : AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
347 ah9 1991 ZG885 : AAC in 2000 /7 659Sqn.
352 ah9 1991 ZG889 : 659Sq Command Flt by Feb 1999
357 ah9 1992 ZG918 : AAC in 1993 664Sqn. ; 1998 659Sqn. ; 2006 1Reg.
358 ah9 1992 ZG919 : AAC; 1993 9Reg./7; 2003 659Sqn.; 2007 1Reg.
360 ah9 1992 ZG921 : AAC; 1995 659Sqn.


25-nov-1311-dec-13RP Typhoon Haiyan relief operations
aug-13dec-13 Cougar 13
sep-10jan-11AF Operation Herrick
jan-09jun-09IQ Operation Telic
oct-07jan-08AF Operation Herrick
dec-06may-07IQ Operation Telic
mar-05dec-05IQ Operation Telic
nov-03apr-04IQ Operation Telic
12-jun-99aug-99Y2 KFOR (kosovo force)
dec-90mar-91IQ Operation Desert Shield/Storm
04-sep-8218-jan-83 Operation Banner
13-oct-7813-feb-79 Operation Banner
12-apr-7716-aug-77 Operation Banner
12-apr-7612-aug-76 Operation Banner
28-feb-7501-jul-75 Operation Banner
15-feb-7421-jun-74 Operation Banner
31-mar-7302-aug-73 Operation Banner

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