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  • 82nd airborne chinook
  • 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade US Army Aviation82nd CAB Kiowas‬ last flight at Fort Bragg, April 15, 2016

82nd Combat Aviation Brigade
January 1987 : 82nd Aviation Brigade
January 2006 : 82nd CAB

As of 2014, Task Force Pegasus as is known when deployed, has approx 2,800 Troopers and 122 aircraft.

  • 1-17th CAV used OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Since 2016 Apaches.
  • 1-82nd ARB with AH-64D Apache Longbow
  • 2-82nd ASLT BN, with UH-60M Black Hawk
  • 3-82nd GSAB with CH-47F Chinook & UH-60M / HH-60M Black Hawk

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    3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 82nd Aviation Regiment

    News of 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade

    82nd Airborne Received Chinook MYII, 01-Jul-16 : The 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade’s “Flippers”, Bravo Company, General Support Aviation Battalion 3rd GSAB, received new CH-47 Multi-Year II (MYII) to replace their CH-47F Chinooks

    82nd Airborne Kiowa Last Flight at JRTC, 12-Nov-15 : US Army 1-17 Cav 82nd CAB Kiowas have last appearance at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) before being retired in 2016 and replaced with Apaches

    82nd CAB Helicopters Return From Afghanistan, 01-Jun-15 : Paratroopers from the 82nd CAB received their helicopters used in Afghanistan at the Charleston port in South Carolina from a charter vessel and flown them to home base Fort Bragg, North Carolina

    U.S. and British Paratroopers in CJOAX 15-01, 15-Apr-15 : US Army 82nd Airborne Division and UK 16 Air Assault Brigade are participating in CJOAX 15-01, Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise, Bragg largest multinational training exercise in 20 years

    82nd CAB Conduct DART Training in Afghanistan, 14-Dec-14 : CH-47 Chinook helicopter assigned to 2nd Aviation Assault Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade simulates extraction of broken aircraft during a downed aircraft recovery team training exercise

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    1987/    Simmons AAFKFBG


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    2009/    CH-47F Chinook
    1997/    AH-64D Apache
    1987/    414 - H-47D Chinook     CH-47D Chinook
    1987/    S-70 H-60
    1987/16 206     OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
    1987/97AH-64A Apache

    82nd CAB List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    M.8025 ch-47f 06-08025 : 2009 Co B 3-82nd AVN; 2014 still
    M.8028 ch-47f 2007 06-08028 : US Army d/d 31oct07; 2008-2009 asg Co B Flippers 3-82nd GSAB, Fort Bragg,+
    M.8727 ch-47f 07-08727 : US Army; Aug15 C/3-82nd AVN.
    uh-60m 07-20046 : US Army; Apr15 82nd
    M.8060 ch-47f 09-08060 : Aug15 B/3-82nd AVN.
    hh-60m 09-20153 : US Army; 2012 3-82nd AVN
    : Aug15 C/3-82nd AVN.
    hh-60m 09-20161 : US Army; 2012 3-82nd AVN
    hh-60m 09-20170 : US Army; 2012 3-82nd AVN
    : Aug15 C/3-82nd AVN.
    uh-60m 10-20290 : US Army; 2012 Co C 3-82nd AVN
    hh-60m 10-20303 : US Army; 2013 3-82nd AVN
    hh-60m 10-20352 : US Army; 2013 3-82nd AVN
    hh-60m 10-20353 : US Army; 2011 3-82nd AVN
    hh-60m 11-20380 : US Army; 2017 Co 3-82nd AVN
    hh-60m 12-20507 : US Army; 2014 3-82nd AVN
    M.8156 ch-47f 14-08156 : US Army MYII type; Jun16 3-82 GSAB, 82nd CAB
    M.8447 ch-47f 14-08447 : US Army; Jan17 3-82nd AVN
    58-40 h-34a 1956 53-4486 : del US Army as CH-34A 53-4486, 12May56; to CH-34C Jul63; sos 582nd Transpo+
    10422 uh-1h 1969 68-15492 : UH-1H-BF.  In vietnam with 189th assault helicopter company in 1970. Conv+
    20777 ah-1g 68-17049 : AH-1F asg B Troop 1st Squadron 17th Air Cavalry 82nd Airborne Division for+
    US Marine Corps 157232 : Army AH-1G BuNo 68-17049; to USMC; Back to Army; conv AH-1S; conv AH-1F
    70-210 uh-60a 80-23452 : US Army d/d unk B Troop 1/17th Air Cavalry, 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. B+
    Brown Helicopter Inc N596YB : BHI from Sep15
    43241 oh-58d 90-00374 : US Army cnvt. from ex OH-58A 70-15378; 2001 asg 1-82nd AVN
    Coastal Helicopters : Jan14 with Coastal Helicopters at Panama City, FL
    uh-60l 92-26427 : 2018 Co A 3-82nd AVN

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