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  • usa 8th Special Operations Squadron

    US Air Force

    8th SOS :

    1969 to present    


    8th Special Operations Squadron US Air Force

    8th Special Operations Squadron
    Blackbirds is part of the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The 8th was an attack/Bombardment squadron from 1917 to 1969 when was converted in a special ops unit. From 1999 stood in reserved status flying MC-130 Hercules until 2007 when they received their CV-22 Osprey conducting their first tilt-rotor deployment to Iraq in 2009.

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    News of 8th Special Operations Squadron

    USAF 801st SOAMX is 2015 Maintenance Winner, 11-Dec-15 : Department of Defense named USAF 801st Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (SOAMXS) the 2015 winner of the Phoenix Award for Maintenance Excellence

    Ospreys 8th SOS awarded the 2013 Mackay Trophy, 30-Jul-14 : HURLBURT FIELD, FL by Staff Sgt. Tyler Placie - In the early morning hours of Dec. 21, 2013, 8th Special Operations Squadron crews departed in three CV-22 Ospreys to evacuate American citizens from the remote city of Bor, South Sudan.

    CV-22s Deploy to Africa for First Time, 02-Dec-08 : HURLBURT FIELD, Fla by 1st Lt. Lauren Johnson, 1 SOW Public Affairs - The final two CV-22s broke across the Florida horizon just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. And after a 5,300 nautical mile flight across the Atlantic ocean, they had surely worked up an appetite.

    8th SOS CV-22 on USS Bataan, 04-Sep-07 : HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. by Jamie Haig, 1st SOW Public Affairs - The CV-22 Osprey, pilots and flight engineers from the 8th Special Operations Squadron executed the first landing and take-offs from the USS Bataan (LHD 5) Aug. 13-14.

    USAF CV-22B Osprey Training with Navy Seals, 06-Jul-07 : USAF 8th Special Operations Squadron CV-22 Osprey perform a water operations exercise with Navy SEALs at Lake Jackson in Florala, Alabama

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    2006/    Hurlburt FieldKHRT
    2000/06Duke FieldKEGI
    1974/00Hurlburt FieldKHRT
    1972/74RP Clark / Diosdado MacapagalRPLC


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    2007/    V-22 Osprey

    8th SOS List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    D1006 cv-22b 02-0025 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B; made precautionary landing in Arizona on delivery flig+
    D1008 cv-22b 04-0027 : USAF CV-22B; 8th SOS, Hulbert Field, FL
    D1009 cv-22b 05-0028 : USAF CV-22B; 8th SOS, Hulbert Field, FL
    : asg 8th SOS training with Navy SEAL at Lake Jackson in Florala, Alabama
    : 8th SOS visit Lajes
    D1010 cv-22b 05-0029 : USAF CV-22B; 8th SOS, Hulbert Field, FL
    D1011 cv-22b 05-0030 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1011, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B, 05-0030, unk; xfer+
    : USAF; 8th SOS visit Lajes
    D1012 cv-22b 2007 06-0031 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1012, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B, 06-0031, unk; 15J+
    : 8th SOS visit Lajes
    D1013 cv-22b 2006 06-0032 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1013, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B, 06-0032, unk; xfer+
    : 8th SOS visit Lajes
    : w/o 13jun12. 8th SOS crash on the Eglin Range, north of Navarre, Florida d+
    D1014 cv-22b 2007 07-0033 : Oct12 8th SOS
    D1015 cv-22b 2008 07-0034 : USAF CV-22B 2008; 8th SOS, 1st SOW
    : 01feb11 pictured with 8th SOS at Hurlburt Field, FL
    D1016 cv-22b 08-0035 : 26jan11 USAF CV-22B 0035 pictured with 8th SOS at Hurlburt Field, Florida
    D1018 cv-22b 2008 08-0037 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1018, ff?; ordered as 07-0037, but due to product+
    D1019 cv-22b 08-0038 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1019, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B, 08-0038, 2009; xfe+
    D1020 cv-22b 08-0039 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1020, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B, 08-0039, 2009; xfe+
    D1021 cv-22b 2010 08-0040 : USAF CV-22B 0040; 26jan11 pictured with 8th SOS at Hurlburt Field, Florida
    D1033 cv-22b 08-0047 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS; 2015 still
    D1042 cv-22b 2012 08-0051 : USAF, 2014 8th SOS
    D1022 cv-22b 2010 09-0041 : USAF; 2011 8th SOS; 2014 still
    D1023 cv-22b 2011 09-0042 : USAF; 23May11 8th SOS static display at the Andrews 2011 Open House; 2013 +
    D1024 cv-22b 2011 09-0043 : USAF; 2013 8th SOS; 2014 still
    D1026 cv-22b 09-0045 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS
    D1029 cv-22b 2012 10-0053 : USAF; 2013 8th SOS
    D1030 cv-22b 2012 10-0054 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS
    D1031 cv-22b 2012 10-0055 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS; 2014 still
    D1041 cv-22b 11-0061 : USAF; Jan14 8th SOS
    D1046 cv-22b 12-0065 : USAF; 2017 8th SOS; Nov17 7th SOS
    D1049 cv-22b 13-0068 : USAF 8th SOS from Apr15
    D1050 cv-22b 13-0069 : USAF 8th SOS from Apr16
    D1053 cv-22b 14-0072 : USAF
    cv-22b 16-0076 : USAF, 400th Osprey

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