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  • usa Air Evac Lifeteam Arksansas

    State of Arkansas

    Air Medical Services



    Part of Air Evac LifeTeam.

    As of 2020, part of GMR.
    - Air Evac 4 at Springdale, AR
    - Airevac 12 at Mountain Home, AR
    - Air Evac 22 at Paris, AR
    - Air Evac LifeTeam 40 at Harrison, AR
    - Air Evac Lifeteam 42 at Forrest City, AR
    - Air Evac LifeTeam 73 at Dequeen, AR
    - Air Evac 113 at Blytheville, AR
    - Air Evac Lifeteam 149 at Fort Smith, AR

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    News of Air Evac Lifeteam Arksansas

    Arkansas Air Evac Helicopters Now Carry Blood, 10-Aug-20 : #ambulance The eight Arkansas Air Evac Lifeteam air medical bases, part of the Global Medical Response (GMR) network, in partnership with the American Red Cross start carrying blood products on board its helicopters


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    Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger
    Bell 407
    Bell 407GXP

    Air Evac Lifeteam Arksansas List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    54721 407gxp 2017 N102AE 73 : Air Evac Lifeteam 73 at DeQueen, AR
    : Air Evac Lifeteam 73 at DeQueen, AR, pictured
    Bell Helicopter N103MT : Bell May17, test serial C-FUQR
    TVPX N102AE : TVPX from Nov17
    : 07mar20 Hot Springs, AR
    Air Evac Lifeteam N102AE : Air Evac Lifeteam
    52446 206l-4 2012 N435AE : backup helicopter at Air Evac Lifeteam 73 at DeQueen, AR, pictured (pic2)
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GUKH : Bell Canada Nov/Dec 2012, test serial C-GFNM
    Bell Helicopter N435AE : Bell Dec12-Apr13
    Air Evac Lifeteam N435AE : Millrock Aviation financial Llc at Danbury, CT Apr13-Dec15; Helifleet 2015+
    State of Texas N435AE : Methodist AirCare at San Antonio, TX; w/o on take off at MH Hospital Hel+
    - N435AE : Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Inc at Billings, MT May17-Nov18
    Air Evac Lifeteam N435AE : Pacific Western Bank at Chicago, IL from Nov18
    : Air Evac Lifeteam
    52454 206l-4 2013 N447AE 40 : Air Evac LifeTeam 40 at Harrison, AR, pictured
    TVPX N447AE : Tvpx Ars Inc - Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT Sep16
    Air Evac Lifeteam N447AE : Air Evac Lifeteam
    : Air Evac Lifeteam
    52438 206l-4 2012 N467AE 40 : Air Evac Lifeteam 40 at Harrison, AR
    : pictured
    Air Evac Lifeteam N467AE : Wells Fargo Trust Co Na Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Oct15
    53275 407 N493AE 12 : Air Evac 12 at Mountain Home, AR, pictured
    - JA01AH : Japan, test serial N44316
    - N8TY : to N405S
    - N405S : Southwest Helicopters at Tucson, AZ
    Air Evac Lifeteam N406LS : Air Evac Lifeteam Mar08-2010
    Air Evac Lifeteam N493AE : Air Evac EMS from 2010