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    Airbus Helicopters France

    2014 to present    


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    News of Airbus Marignane

    NHI Delivers 500th NH90, 20-Mar-23 : NHIndustries celebrated the delivery of the 500th NH90. The helicopter was a NH90TTH for the French Army Aviation (ALAT)

    First Year and 1,000 Flight Hours for Qatar NH90s, 15-Mar-23 : #NH90 Qatar NH90s reached 1,000 flight hours in first year showing an average serviceability above 80%. The helicopters are used in troop transport and utility, search and rescue and surveillance

    Three H125 and a H145 for Ecocopter, 06-Oct-22 : #Marignane Chilean operator Ecocopter ordered 3 Airbus H125 and a H145 to expand its fleet In South America. They currently have 13 H125, 2 H135, and 3 EC145/H145 operating in Chile, Peru and Ecuador

    7,000th Ecureuil helicopter, 08-Jul-22 : #7000 Airbus plant at Marignane delivered its 7,000th helicopter from the Ecureuil family. The Aerospatiale Ecureuil first flew in 1974 and spawned into the Eurocopter AS350/AS355/EC130 and Airbus H125/H130 models assembled in France, Brazil (Esquilo) and USA (AStar). Military variantes are named Fennec

    Last Ever Dauphin Goes to Spanish Customs, 22-Jan-22 : #Dauphin Airbus delivered the last AS365 Dauphin manufactured in Marignane, France. 1100 helicopters of this family have been produced over the past 40 years flying 7 million hours in 70 different countries

    Last NH90 NFH Delivered to French Navy, 05-Jan-22 : #Marine Airbus France delivered the 27th and last NH90 NFH Caiman to the French Navy

    04-Jan-22 - First NH90 Delivered to Qatar #NH90
    10-Nov-21 - First Airbus Flight with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel
    24-Dec-20 - First Flights for Qatar NH90s #Qatar
    08-Jul-20 - Ground Helipad Assisted Takeoff #autopilot
    01-Jul-20 - H160 Received EASA Type Certificate #EASA
    29-Jun-20 - FURADO Rotor Head for RACER Demonstrator #FURADO
    03-Jun-20 - Airbus First e-Delivery Goes to Helitrans #coronavirus
    03-Dec-19 - Airbus Global Support Contract for Tiger #Tiger
    27-Nov-19 - Service Support for French Cougar and Caracal #Maintenance
    09-Sep-19 - 1000th Super Puma Delivered to Bundespolizei #SuperPuma
    27-May-19 - H160M Guépard to Enter Service in 2026 #H160M
    18-Dec-18 - Marignane Completed First Serial H160 #H160
    14-Dec-18 - Bundespolizei Receives First Three H215 #H215
    14-Dec-18 - Hungary Orders 16 H225M #H225M
    28-Sep-18 - Tiger Next Generation Battlefield Capabilities #Tiger
    13-Oct-17 - Third H160 Joins Flight Test Campaign
    25-Apr-17 - Airbus Celebrated Gazelle’s 50th Anniversary
    28-Jul-16 - H160 Aeromechanical Configuration Validated
    12-May-16 - Airbus to Retrofit Securite Civile 35 EC145
    03-Mar-16 - H175 Flight Crew Operating Manual
    26-Feb-16 - Norwegian NH90 Self Protection Suite
    10-Nov-15 - High-Compression Engine for Higher-Performance
    18-Dec-14 - Flight Tests of Laser-Based Airspeed Sensor System
    12-Sep-14 - Work Begins on the Marignane Development Center


    2014/    Marseille Marignane LFML


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