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Alpine Aerotech LP is a Bell Helicopter approved Customer Service Facility based in Kelowna, British Columbia

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News of Alpine Aerotech

Crew Barrier System for Bell Helicopters, 18-Apr-20 : #coronavirus Canadian companies Alpine Aerotech and Port Aerospace developed a crew barrier/isolation system in response to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Accepted by a Transport Canada delegate. Kits for Bell 205/212/412 in production and 206L/407 to follow

Bell 212 Day/Night VFR Kit Upgrade Kit, 02-Nov-19 : #Bell212 Alpine Aerotech, a Platinum Certified Bell Customer Service Facility in Canada, received Canadian certificate for their digital flight instrument Day/Night Visual flight rules (VFR) kit upgrade for the Bell 212

Bell 505 Bear Paw for High Skid Gear, 28-May-19 : #BearPaw Alpine Aerotech from Canada now offers its popular Bear Paw Kit compatible with both standard and high skid gear on the Bell 505

Bell 212 Glass Cockpit Upgrade Certification, 04-Mar-19 : #GlassCockpit Bell 212 helicopter cockpit upgrade available for both VFR and IFR operations with the Universal Avionics EFI-890H Advanced Flight Displays

STCs for Alpine Aerotech Bell 505 Bear Paws, 07-Jun-18 : Alpine Aerotech from Canada received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for their Bell 505 Bear Paw Kit

Bell 407 Exhaust Duct Repair, 23-Feb-18 : Alpine Aerotech approved by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCAA) for Bell 407 Exhaust Duct Repair

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