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HFWS : Army Aviation School
German Army Aviation

1959 to present    


ec135 shs hws

Formed 01.July 1959 in Niedermendig, since 13.January 1960 stationed in Bückeburg-Achum. At the beginning only tactical and Transport Helicopter Pilot course´s, after 1962 also Helicopter Basic Training. Operating the Al II and since 2000 also the EC 135 for the basic trng, the Bell UH-1D, CH-53G and Bo 105 M and P for the advanced and tactical trng. Since 2002 operating the Bo 105´s from Celle-Wietzenbruch. Lehrguppe A (Training Group A, a Bataillon equivalent) in Achum for the flying course´s, Lehrgruppe B for the military Training in Bückeburg Barracks,Training Centrum C in Celle and the Heeresfliegerversuchsstaffel 910 (Army Aviation Test Squadron) for the development and testing of new tactics and equipment for the Army Aviation
The German Army Aviation School at Bueckeburg has 12 CAE-built helicopter simulators. A state-of-the-art training facility and Europe largest helicopter training centre, includes two Bell UH-1D, eight Airbus Helicopter EC135, and two Sikorsky CH-53 helicopter simulators.

From March 2017, basic training provided by Motorflug with Bell 206

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News of Heeresfliegerwaffenschule

90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS, 27-Oct-16 : The EC135 (SHS) training helicopter fleet of the German Armed Forces reached 90,000 flight hours since introduction in 2001

CAE to Support German Army Aviation School, 15-Dec-14 : CAE was awarded support services contract for the German Army Aviation School simulators in Bueckeburg.

Bundeswehr EC135 Training Extended to 2022, 15-Dec-14 : Support contract to maintain, overhaul and ensure the availability of the German Army Aviation School fleet of EC135 training helicopters signed in 2005 is extended until 2022


2002/    Celle-WietzenbruchETHC
1960/    BückeburgETHB


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2018/    H135 / EC135T3
2017/    206
2006/    NH90 TTH
2001/    EC135T1
1980/16Bo105P PAH-1
1967/    UH-1D
1960/06Alouette II
1959/71S-58 H-34


23-jun-1223-jun-12 Fly out MFG-5 Kiel

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