botswana Botswana Defence Force Air Wing

Botswana Defence Force

1977 to present    


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1977/    Mparangwane Air BaseFBTP


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2016/    EC225LP
1995/    AS350 Ecureuil
1988/    412
1985/    AS350 Ecureuil

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1586 as350b OF1: BDF
3769 as350b3 OF10: BDF
1587 as350b OF2: BDF d/d 1985, ex F-ZKBW
2857 as350ba OF3: BDF, test serial F-WQDO
2864 as350ba OF4: BDF
4329 as350b3 OF5: BDF
2872 as350ba OF5: BDF d/d 27may95; w/o ?
9018 as350ba OF6: BDF
9019 as350ba OF7: BDF, test serial F-WQER
3765 as350b3 OF8: BDF
3767 as350b3 OF9: BDF
33174 412sp OH1: BDF, test serial N3209T
33175 412sp OH2: BDF, test serial N3209G
33176 412sp OH3: BDF, test serial N3209H
33193 412sp OH4: BDF, test serial ?
33194 412sp OH5: BDF, test serial N3215D
36281 412ep OH7: BDF VIP, test serial N9181F
36351 412ep OH8: BDF VIP, test serial N46052
- I-GPBF: to Botswana
2759 ec225lp OL1: Botswana Defence Force from Sep16
National Police Corps EC-LEN: CNP, ordered 2008 d/d 2010, albacete test serial EC-091, Eurocopter France F-WWOF
National Police Corps EC-LEN: pictured as /Angel-40 at Cuatro Vientos
- EC-ELN: Airbus EspaƱa, Albacete 2016
19 C/N found in this Organisation.