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CHC H175 First Flight for Neptune Energy, 28-Aug-18 : #oilandgas CHC started H175 flights from Norwich to the Cygnus A and Cygnus B rigs in the Southern North Sea for a 22-month contract with Neptune Energy




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AgustaWestland AW139
Airbus Helicopters H175 / EC175
Sikorsky S-76C
Sikorsky S-92A

CHC (Norwich) List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
5024 ec175 2016 G-EMEA : 19feb19 pictured at Norwich
5031 ec175 2018 G-EMEC : 22may18 18:10 hs call Sign HKS 306A arrived at Norwich
: 29jan19 pictured (pic3) at Norwich
5039 ec175 2018 G-EMED : 12jul19 pictured (pic2) at Norwich
31255 aw139 2009 G-JEZA : 06jul11 pictured (pic1) at Norwich
: 22mar16 pictured (pic2) at Norwich
- F-WTBC : 04mar17 pictured (pic3) on refuel stop at Perpignan France, with french te+
31308 aw139 2010 G-SNSA : 27sep12 pictured at Norwich
31295 aw139 2010 G-SNSB : 27sep12 pictured at Norwich. The tiny yellow helicopter on background is W+
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-EUD : CHC from Apr/Oct 2010
Bel Air Aviation PH-EUD : Bel Air Aviation Oct10-Oct11
31561 aw139 2014 G-SNSE : 03apr17 pictured at Norwich
: 31dec18 offshore transport from Norwich
31407 aw139 2012 G-SNSF : CHC Scotia from Oct15; based at Norwich
: 26oct16 returns to Norwich after floating gear is set off
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-EUG : CHC Netherlands Mar12-Oct15
: 15sep12 pictured at De Kooy during Heldair show
Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-CGN : BHS o/o by Apr18
31474 aw139 2013 G-SNSH : CHC Scotia from Dec16; 24jan17 pictured (pic1) at Norwich
: 01may18 pictured (pic2) at Norwich
CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHF : CHC Cayman Islands; Apr/Jun 2014 in Malta
: 16jul14 travelling now with VP-CHJ. They have just left Almeria after what+
: 17jan15 in Paramaribo, Suriname
31479 aw139 2013 G-SNSI : 27sep19 pictured at Norwich
CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHJ : CHC Cayman Islands; Mar/Jun 2014 in Malta
: 14jul14 near Alicante
: Heading SW along the Spanish coast just offshore from Cartagena
: 16jul14 travelling now with VP-CHF. They have just left Almeria after wha+
: 13jan14 at a Dutch Airport (which?) on the back of a truck
41268 aw139 2012 G-SNSJ : 12jun18 pictured (pic3) at Norwich
AgustaWestland USA N388SH : AgustaWestland, PA Aug11-May12; 11feb12 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at HeliEx+
Heligo Charters Pvt VT-HLF : Heligo Charters from Aug12; 11feb12 pictured (pic2) at HeliExpo 2012, Dal+
- RP-C2013 : Philippines
- N41268 : Wells Fargo Bank Dec15-Jan17
Milestone Aviation G-SNSJ : Vertical Aviation No1 Ltd Jan/Apr 2017
41354 aw139 2013 G-SNSK : CHC Scotia from 05apr17; 03apr17 pictured (pic1) at Norwich, UK
: 23may17 pictured (pic2) at Norwich
AgustaWestland USA N152MM : AgustaWestland, PA from Sep13
United Offshore Aviation HS-UOE : United Offshore Aviation Jan/May 2014
HNZ Group - : HNZ Group
INAEC RP-C3139 : HNZ Group 2014-2016, op by INAEC; offshore Philippines from Jun14
Milestone Aviation G-SNSK : Milestone Aviation Dec16-Apr17
760408 s-76c 1993 G-SSSC : 19nov04 pictured at Norwich on a maintenance diversion from North Denes (E+
Hevilift Aviation Indonesia PK-FUL : Hevilift, Indonesia by Mar16
Hevilift Australia VH-IQG : Hevilift Australia from Aug16
92-0152 s-92a 2010 G-WNSA : 09may12 arrived Norwich at 12:51 (pictured refueling) departed to Aberdeen+
Sikorsky Helicopters N152RM : Sikorsky 2010
Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGN : BHS from Jun12

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