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  • spain Comunidad de Madrid

    Administraciones Locales

    Community of Madrid
    Local Government



    SUMMA 112 ( Servicio de Urgencia Médica de la Comunidad de Madrid, emergency service for Madrid Community) operated by Eliance (ex Grupo Habock) from Las Rozas and Lozoyuela bases.

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    News of Comunidad de Madrid

    Madrid Renewed Medical Helicopter Service, 05-Nov-20 : #SUMMA112 Madrid Community renewed contract with Eliance (ex Habock Group) for operation of two H145/EC145T2 medical helicopters for the SUMMA 112, the air air ambulance service for the region




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    Agusta A109C
    Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2
    Bell 412EP
    Bell 412SP
    Eurocopter EC135P2

    Comunidad de Madrid List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    33158 412sp 1988 D-HEPP : Comunidad de Madrid firefighting, op by Pegasus
    - JA9947 : Tokai railway 1989-Sep97, test serial N3208Z
    - N6297Z : First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Feb/May 1998
    Lider Taxi Aereo PT-YXA : Lider Taxi Aereo 2000-2018 ?
    : Oct14 for sale Bell 412 1988; 12 Passenger Utility; IFR, Auxiliary Fuel T+
    Eagle Copters C-FOIJ : Eagle Copters Jan16-Dec18
    Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HEPP : Agrarflug Helilift from Nov18
    : Jan20, Power Section CP-PS 62028 repair and test carried out at Euravia En+
    Pegasus Aero Group D-HEPP : Pegasus by Aug19;
    Global Helicopter Service GmbH D-HEPP : GHS; pictured (pic2), first aircraft to land at new address in Kirchanscho+
    Flymed GmbH D-HEPP : Flymed GmbH, op by GHS; INFECT air ambulance
    7676 a109c 1995 EC-GRA : SERCAM (Servicio de Emergencia y Rescate de la Comunidad de Madrid) from ?
    AgustaWestland USA N1VN : Agusta Aerospace Corp 1996
    - N45FB : Lynton Group Inc at Morristown, NJ Jun/Aug 1996
    - EC-GJD : Gestair SA Oct96-Nov97, test serial EC-380
    - EC-GRA : Gestair SA re-register 21nov97
    Helisureste EC-GRA : Helisureste by 2007
    INAER EC-GRA : rebranded INAER Mar09
    : pictured at Cuatro Vientos
    - VT-OSF : Air One Aviation Ltd at New Delhi from Apr11
    0452 ec135p2 2006 EC-KCM : BESCAM (Brigadas Especiales de Seguridad de la Comunidad de Madrid), op by+
    Intercopters EC-KCM : Intercopters from Jun07
    Eliance (Habock) EC-KCM : Barcelona - ''EMERGÈNCIES MÈDIQUES'' titles
    : is at Circuit de Barcelona, Catalunya
    : noted Hospital de Navarra
    0460 ec135p2 2006 EC-KKF : BESCAM (Brigadas Especiales de Seguridad de la Comunidad de Madrid), opera+
    INAER EC-KKF : China G-214007 ntu; INAER by Oct07, for Intercopters
    Intercopters EC-KKF : Intercopters
    - D-HHDL : DL Helicopter May/Nov 2011
    Bond Aviation Group G-CGZD : Bond Air Services Dec11-Apr15
    UK Air Ambulances G-CGZD : East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA), op by Bond; pictured (pic2) at Norwich
    INAER EC-MHG : INAER Apr15-2018
    - F-HBDN : Amur Finance (Ireland) Ltd at Dublin from Dec18
    emergency medical assistance service F-HBDN : SAMU; pictured (pic3) at Perpignan
    36203 412ep 1998 EC-KZM : Madrid?, op by INAER
    - CC-PBW : Chile private, noted 2001, to EC-KUN
    Helisureste EC-KUN : Helisureste, canc Aug08
    INAER EC-KZM : INAER by 2011
    Australian Helicopters VH-VAU : Australian Helicopters from 03nov11
    : pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
    : Babcock MCS Australasia
    20031 h145 EC-MMP : Comunidad de Madrid, op by Eliance; pictured (pic1) at Helipuerto Las Roz+
    Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HADM : Airbus Helicopter Germany Apr15; white dark blue livery with blue Z stripe+
    TAF Helicopters EC-MMP : TAF / Habock Aviation Group
    20076 h145 2015 EC-MOR : Comunidad de Madrid SUMMA 112 from 01nov20, op by Eliance
    TAF Helicopters EC-MOR : TAF / Habock Aviation Group, test serial D-HBTS