European Commission

European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Established 2002, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union (EU) with regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civilian aviation safety. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany

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  News about EASA

NHV Denmark H175 First in North Sea with Heli Sa Cat 1 Approval

NHV Denmark H175 First in North Sea with Heli Sa Cat 1 Approval

14-Mar-24 - NHV Denmark is the first operator in the North Sea to be approved by European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to provide Helicopter Special Authorization Category I (Heli Sa Cat I) Operations. This accreditation permits flying under reduced weather requirements #BadWeather
PHI MRO Services Receives EASA Certification

PHI MRO Services Receives EASA Certification

09-Mar-24 - The maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) branch of the global operator PHI has received European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification to provide services as a Part 145 Maintenance Organization #services
European Approval for Garmin GFC 600H on Bell 505

European Approval for Garmin GFC 600H on Bell 505

27-Feb-24 - The Garmin GFC 600H flight control system earns European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) granted for auxiliary fuel system #Garmin
EASA Certification for EC145 and H145D3 Step Mount

EASA Certification for EC145 and H145D3 Step Mount

26-Feb-24 - Meeker Aviation has received approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its utility step mount designed for use on both Airbus H145D2 and the new H145D3 helicopters #StepMount
EASA STC to ASU for Bell 429 Night Vision Modification

EASA STC to ASU for Bell 429 Night Vision Modification

23-Oct-23 - Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) obtained the European Union Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to modify the Bell 429 helicopter cockpit for night vision operations #Bell429
EASA Proposes Rules for VTOL Air Taxis Operations

EASA Proposes Rules for VTOL Air Taxis Operations

02-Sep-23 - The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has proposed rules for safe operations of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft, including air taxis, paving the way for operations in Europe’s cities #AirTaxi
12-May-23 EASA STC for H125/AS350 HEC System #H125
08-Mar-23 Heli-One Approved for H215 RNP Modification #H215
23-Jan-23 European Plan for Aviation Safety 2019 - 2023 #safety
10-Nov-22 Skids and Advanced SAR Mode for AW169 #AW169
13-Sep-22 Bell 505 Autopilot HeliSAS Certified by EASA #Bell505
30-Jun-22 EASA Publishes First Rules for Air Taxis Operations #AirTaxi
28-Jun-22 Heli-One Achieves CAMO Certification in Poland #CAMO
17-Jun-22 EASA Approval for Garmin GFC 600H on AS350 #Garmin
26-May-22 First EASA Qualified H125 VR Level 3 Simulator
20-May-22 Helicopter Underwater Escape Study #research
25-Oct-21 H125 Engine Power Upgrade #power
19-May-21 EASA and UK CAA Agree on TIP #TIP
05-May-21 EASA Certification for Bell 505 Cargo Hook #EASA
17-Apr-21 Extra 140 Kgs Payload for H125 #H125
12-Jan-21 AC67 Flex Medical Interior for H135 #EASA
19-Dec-20 Extra Weight and Single Cockpit for Helionix H135 #H135
06-Dec-20 H160 Level D Full Flight Simulator #H160
30-Nov-20 EASA Approves HTC Blades for Bell Huey #blades
19-Nov-20 Joint FAA/EASA Helicopter Pilot Training #FlightSchool
31-Oct-20 GHS Approved as EASA Part 145 Company #Part145
13-Oct-20 SPAES is EASA Part 21G Production Organisation #Part21G
13-Oct-20 H135 Simulator Ready in Norway #H135
06-Aug-20 NCCH H145 Simulator Re-Qualified by EASA #EASA
24-Jul-20 EASA Proposed Standards for Light Drones #drones
15-Jul-20 EASA Certification for Philadelphia Repair Station #EASA
03-Jul-20 GHS now EASA Approved Air Training Organization #certificates
01-Jul-20 H160 Received EASA Type Certificate #EASA
13-Jun-20 EASA Certificate for AW189K with Aneto-1K #AW189K
06-Mar-20 Lido Surface Data NEXTView EASA Certification #terrain
28-Jan-20 ESG Mission Systems for Bundespolizei Helicopters #avionics
09-Jan-20 Volocopter Received EASA Design Organisation Approval
13-Dec-19 EASA Certification for Safran Aneto-1K in AW189K #Aneto1K
20-Nov-19 Bell 505 Standard and Float Skidtubes #Bell505
16-Nov-19 EASA Certificate for EC130 Single Pole Mount #EC130
09-Nov-19 EASA Certification of Ardiden 1U for HAL LUH #Ardiden1U
22-Oct-19 EASA Certification for Finland’ H125 Simulator #H125
04-Oct-19 Search and Landing Lights for Bk117 #lights
02-Oct-19 Airbus and EASA Partners for NextGen VTOL #NextGeneration
15-Sep-19 Becker ADS-B for Bundespolizei Super Pumas #sCloaking
22-Jul-19 EASA Certification for Roadrunner EFI in AW109/119 #certification
19-Jun-19 EASA Certification for H160’ Engine Arrano 1A #Arrano
05-Jun-19 EASA Certification for Metro Completion Center #MRO
05-Jun-19 EASA Aproval for G500H TXi Flight Display #Garmin
02-Jun-19 European Certification for DART’ R66 Floats #floats
08-May-19 EASA Approves FLARM Collision Warning for Helicopters #Collision
15-Apr-19 H130 Flotation System Approved by FAA and EASA #flotation
30-Mar-19 Trakka Gets POA Certificate from EASA #POA
13-Feb-19 Certifications for EC135 / H135 Crosstubes #certfication
12-Dec-18 Certifications for AS350/AS355 Heli Utility Basket #baskets
15-Oct-18 Donaldson IBF for AW189 Certified by EASA #AW189
15-Sep-18 Certification for Super Puma Weighing System #Weighing
23-Aug-18 NCCH H145 Simulator Qualified to EASA FFS Level D #EASA
06-Aug-18 Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System for Bell 407 #accessories
31-Jul-18 United Rotorcraft Gets EASA STC for AW139 and AW169 #interiors
17-Jul-18 Airgreen AB139/AW139 with Night Vision Lighting #NightVision
13-Jul-18 AeroStretcher Gets EASA STC for H135 / EC135 #health
09-Jul-18 Special Purpose Operator Status to Nova Systems UK #certification
17-May-18 GHS Approved EASA HEMS Operator
30-Apr-18 EASA Certification for H145 Utility Basket
20-Apr-18 Ardiden 3C obtains EASA Certification
04-Apr-18 EASA Certification for DART Bell 505 Bearpaws
20-Mar-18 RUAG Gets EASA Approval for Night Vision Systems
21-Feb-18 Kopter Gets Design Organization Approval from EASA
05-Feb-18 Airbus Now Single Production Organization for EASA
27-Dec-17 AW109 Trekker Achieves EASA Certification
12-Nov-17 Bell 505 Jet Ranger X Certification Granted by EASA
05-Oct-17 Rig’N Fly Automatic Oil Platform Approach For H175
05-Oct-17 EASA Certification for A800 Searchlight on Bell 212/412
02-Oct-17 Alpine Secures EASA Approvals for OEM Parts
24-Aug-17 EASA Approves Heli-Union Super Puma LPV
24-Aug-17 HUMS IRIS Certified for S-92 in Europe
17-Aug-17 Cable Cutter System Saves Lives
02-Aug-17 DART H145 Emergency Float System
19-Jun-17 Ka-62’s Ardiden 3G Obtains EASA Type Certification
21-Apr-17 EASA Approves Increased Engine Power for H145
07-Mar-17 H175 Performance Enhanced to 7.800 kg MTOW
01-Mar-17 Helicentre New Flight Instructor Course
06-Feb-17 EASA Approves Bell 206L and 407 Bear Paw
24-Jan-17 EASA Approves Aero Design Cyclic Friction for Bell 206/407
18-Jan-17 EASA Approves Aero Design AS350 Products
09-Jan-17 EASA Approves BLR FastFin for AB412
09-Jan-17 Bell Training Academy in Valencia Complete
05-Jan-17 R66 Turbine Marine Receives EASA Final Approval
21-Dec-16 EASA Approves AS350 Maximum Pilot View Kit
07-Dec-16 AW139 Maintenance in Poland
18-Nov-16 EASA Certification for 4.8 Tonne AW169
16-Nov-16 EASA Certification for Helionix in the H135
11-Oct-16 STC Approval for AS332L/L1 Upgrade
07-Oct-16 EASA Lifts Temporary Suspension of Super Puma
23-Aug-16 Oceania Aviation Approved for Part 145 EASA Certification
28-Jul-16 Bell 429 Bear Paw Kit
11-Jul-16 AW189 Gets EASA Full Ice Protection System Certification
11-Jul-16 S-76D VIP Receives Expanded EASA Validation
11-Jul-16 First AW169 Full Flight Simulator Certified
09-Jun-16 EASA Approved Bell 206/407 Frameless Seat Cushions
07-Jun-16 Vector Aerospace UK Gains EASA DOA
16-May-16 EASA STC for VIH Master Caution Panel in Bell 212/412
13-May-16 EASA Approves Alpine Aerotech AS350 Floor Protection
04-May-16 EASA Task Force to Assess Drones Aircraft Risk Collision
03-Mar-16 Heli-One Norway EASA Approved Flight Test Organization
29-Feb-16 Trakka A800 Searchlight Gets EASA Certification for AW139
26-Feb-16 EASA Approval for H125 Crew Bubble Window
24-Feb-16 EASA Approves HELIFAB S-76 Auxiliary Fuel Tank
04-Feb-16 Automatic Oil Platform Approach for the H225
04-Feb-16 Heli-One Poland Now Offers H225 Maintenance
21-Jan-16 H145 Maximum Take-Off Weight Raises to 3,700kg
04-Jan-16 Aerolite Receives EASA STC for AW169 Air Medical Interior
18-Dec-15 EASA Paves the Way for Safe Use of Drones in Europe
16-Dec-15 Bell 505 Arrius 2R engine Passes EASA Certification
23-Nov-15 Mecaer Interior for the H145 Mercedes Benz
16-Nov-15 Flightsafety S-76D Simulator Receives Level D Qualification
20-Oct-15 EASA Virtual Academy Takes Off
13-Oct-15 CAE Brunei Training Centre certified by EASA
06-Oct-15 EASA Certifies AgustaWestland Navigation Database
28-Sep-15 EASA Certification for AW189 Ice Protection System
18-Aug-15 EASA Certification for EC130T2 HeliSAS Autopilot
16-Jul-15 AW169 Achieves EASA Certification
15-Jun-15 EASA Certifies Sikorsky S-92 Rig Approach
10-Jun-15 Bell Helicopter Prague Expands Capabilities
15-May-15 H145M / EC645T2 Receives EASA certification
11-May-15 Vector EASA Certification for Super Puma Data Recorder
27-Apr-15 Max Gross Weight Increase For MD900/902
22-Apr-15 The EC145e Receives EASA Certification
31-Mar-15 AW169 Simulator Ready for Training
27-Mar-15 FAA and EASA Approved Dart R66 Cargo Hook
04-Mar-15 Donaldson AW139 Inlet Barrier Filter Installation
03-Mar-15 HeliAir / ASU Gets EC135 EASA STC
03-Mar-15 PW206B3 Engine Receives Key EASA Validation
03-Mar-15 EASA Approves Type Certification for S-76D ​
02-Mar-15 EASA Approves VIHA EC135 Bubble Window
02-Mar-15 EC145T2, EC135 T3/P3 and Bell 429 EMS Interior
26-Jan-15 Bell 407 and Bell 429 Training Academy in Valencia
23-Jan-15 Turbomeca Arriel 2N gains EASA Certification
23-Dec-14 AW189 SAR Variant Achieves EASA Certification
15-Dec-14 Airbus Helicopters China receive EASA approval
10-Dec-14 PW210A Engine Wins Key EASA Validation
21-Oct-14 EC135 T3/P3 Receives EASA Certification
20-May-14 EASA certifies enhanced functionality for the S-92
30-Apr-14 Robinson R66 Receives EASA Certification
22-Apr-14 EASA certifies EC225 gear shaft redesign
10-Feb-14 AW189 Achieves EASA Certification
04-Feb-14 EASA certifies the EC175
22-Jul-13 EC225 to resume their full mission operability
18-Jun-13 Bell Aviation Service EASA DOA Certification
10-Jul-12 EASA Approves Bell 429 Pilot Training Program
12-Apr-12 EASA certification of the EC-135 Inlet Barrier Filter
16-Mar-12 EASA approves BK117-850D2 STC

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