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  • usa Helicopter Combat Support Squadron FOUR

    US Navy

    HC-4 : Black Stallions
    United States Naval Aviation

    1960 to 2007    

    HC-4 Detachment 36 US Navy

    HELSUPPRON 4, 1968-1970

    My name is Heirnz P Heer aka Henry or Hank. I came to NAS Lakehurst on April 11,1968. My grade was E-3 and my duty was aviation electronics technician. I spent most of 1968 becoming an air crewman and plane captain, flying as many hours as possible and learning the avionica of the UH-2A/B Seasprite. In May of 1968 I volunteered for DET 36 Vietnam. I arrived on the USS Eldorado on December 21,1968. I remained on DET 36 for the duration of my enlistment and come home on March 16, 1970. I served on 5 ships: USS Eldorado, USS Mt. McKinley, USS Estes, USS Cleveland and the USS Dabuque. To my knowledge Phillip Schoonover and myself have the longest continuous duty on HC-4 DET 36. ; I must apologize if I left any names out of the list but I will try to list all the ones I can remember, J Matzuras, G Paukner, R Metcalf, S Lauber, R Mastriano, S Benton, W Bowman, S Doctor, A Amaris s, F Holt, C McDowell, V SOlimena , P Morris, E Erickson, R Whitten, G Shaw and L Knipfer . It was a pleasure to serve with you all And I hope you are all well; My email is HPHMOO at gmail

    HC-4 Det.36

    HC-4 Det.36

    HC-4 Det.36

    HC-4 Det.36

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