usa Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 4

US Navy

HCS-4 : Red Wolves
United States Naval Aviation

1989 to 2006    

Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 4
Former HAL-4, changed the designation when added Combat SAR to its primary mission of Naval Special Warfare support. Used HH-60H Seahawks.

Redesignated Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight Four ( HSC-84 ) on October 2006.

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1989/06NAS Norfolk KNGU


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1989/06 S-70 H-60     HH-60H Rescue Hawk

HCS-4 List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
hh-60h 163783 : USN; Apr00 HCS-4
: w/o 10aug07 HCS-4 /NW-202 near Baghdad, Iraq
hh-60h 1991 163791 : USN; Oct91 HCS-4
70-1676 hh-60h 1992 163797 : USN; Feb92 HCS-4
70-2277 hh-60h 164843 : May20 HCS-4 Redwolves onverting to MH-60T USCG
US Coast Guard ? :
70-2280 hh-60h 164846 : USN; 18sep05 pictured as /NW-203 HCS-4 at NAS Oceana airshow

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