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HForce is an innovative, incremental and integrated high performance weapon system that can easily be fitted (“plug and play”) into Airbus Helicopter’s military platforms such as H125M, H145M and H225M. It is designed to meet the requirements of defence agencies seeking light attack mission capabilities or a complement to their existing fleet of specialized attack helicopters.

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  News about HForce

HForce for Hungary’s H145M

HForce for Hungary’s H145M

23-Dec-20 - Hungarian Air Force H145M military helicopters are currently being fitted with the HForce weapon management system by Airbus Germany #HForce
Airbus H145M Flying Command Post

Airbus H145M Flying Command Post

29-May-20 - In collaboration with industrial partners Airbus is expanding the command, control, communications, computer, collaboration and intelligence (C5I) capabilities of the H145M helicopter #H145M
Hungary Orders 16 H225M

Hungary Orders 16 H225M

14-Dec-18 - Hungary orders 16 H225M / EC725 as part of its ‘Zrinyi 2026’ armed forces modernisation programme. Will be equipped with the HForce weapons package. They had already ordered 20 H145M #H225M
H145M Equipped with HForce Demo in Hungary

H145M Equipped with HForce Demo in Hungary

27-Oct-18 - Airbus H145M fitted with Hforce weapon system carried out demonstration at Bakony Combat Training Center, Veszprem, Hungary. Germany, Thailand, Serbia, Hungary and Luxembourg have ordered more than 50 helicopters #H145M
Hungary Orders 20 H145M

Hungary Orders 20 H145M

29-Jun-18 - Hungary ordered 20 H145M ( military variant of the EC145T2 ) equipped with the HForce weapon management system as part of the military modernization program Zrinyi 2026 #modernization
H145M Launched Laser Guided Rockets in Sweden

H145M Launched Laser Guided Rockets in Sweden

31-Jan-18 - Advanced precision Thales fire laser guided rockets were tested with the H145M at the Älvdalen test range in Sweden
09-Nov-17 HForce-Equipped H145M First Firing Test
12-Sep-17 Rockwell Collins Mission Computer for Airbus HForce
08-Sep-17 H145M First Flight with HForce Weapon System



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Years Models
Airbus H145D2 / EC145T2
Airbus H225M

HForce List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
20001 h145d2 D-HADX : conv to H145M type; f/f Sep17 with HForce weapons system
: H145M type; HForce first live fire test at Papa, Hungary
Eurocopter Germany D-HADX
2965 h225m F-ZWBL : Airbus HForce Generic Weapon System demonstrator
FR Airbus Helicopters France
H160M ? : pictured on display with HForce package at SOFINS 2023 in Bordeaux

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