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  • usa Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362

    US Marine Corps

    HMH-362 :

    1952 to 2012    



    Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362
    Ugly Angels, tail code YL
    1952 - Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron 362 ( HMR-362 )
    1956 - Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron (Light) 362 ( HMR(L)-362 )
    1962 - Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 362 ( HMM-362 )
    1969 - Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362 ( HMH-362 )

    HMH-362 was the last squadron to fly the CH-53D Sea Stallion

    Will be deactivated until reception of the CH-53K variant

    1961-1963, I was on the USS Princeton LPH 5 when YL Squadron flew aboard. Oct. 1963 to Sept. 1964 I joined the Squadron at Santa Anna California. -
    1961-1963, I'm Lcp Tim Jones Stationed on USS Princeton Lph-5 from Novn1961 thru Oct 1963. I was transferred two Hmm 362 until September 1964. It was during Pease time and normal traing operationnWhile on the Princeton I can only remember YL and maybe YP being aboard. All we did was to park them.
    1988-1992, I was assigned to HMH-362. Assigned to the USS Saipan (LHA-2) in 1989/90. Someone noted that the tail code on one had an ME on it. I've always known us to have the YL, and every database I searched showed this to be true. I took the pictures, so I know they haven't been tampered with. Any thoughts why we would have had the ME on there? Thank you for your help. Ken Schubert

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    1995/12MCAS Kaneohe Bay PHNG
    1969/94MCAS New RiverKNCA
    1962/69MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin KNTK
    1959/60JP MCAS FutenmaROTM
    1952/59MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin KNTK


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    1969/12S-65 H-53
    1962/69S-58 H-34
    1956/62H-43 Huskie
    1952/56S-55 H-19


    jul-74sep-74CY Partition of Cyprus

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