usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Three

US Navy

HS-3 : Tridents
United States Naval Aviation

1952 to 2009    


Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Three
Tridents, tail code HW then HB

1954-1957 HO4S / H-19
1957-1962 HHS-1 / H-34
1962-1967 SH-3A
1967-1978 SH-3D
1978-1991 SH-3H
1991-2009 SH-60F / HH-60H

On 1 July 2009, was redesignated Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron NINE ( HSC-9 )

1959-1962, I served on HS-3. Soa2 Cruised on USS Valley Forge (CVS-45), USS Lake Champain (CVS-39) and the USS Intrepid. Love that time in my life
1959-1962 served in HS-3, home based at NAS Norfolk, Va, deployed on USS Valley Forge CVS-45 to the Med, North Atlantic, Caribbean, and Atlantic Ops Area.
Feb60-Jul61, I was in Norfolk HS3, cruised on USS Valley Forge, and transferred to Quonset Point to help form HS13 during the Cuban Crisis.
1960-1963, I was in HS-3. We were out of NAS Norfolk & were on the Intrepid and Wasp during this period. We picked up Scott Carpenter & was active in the Cuban Crisis. I think we were the first Squadron on the East coast with the Sikorsky turbos. I received a rescue award in June of 1963
1968-1969, We were based in NAS Norfolk, then we moved to Quonset Pt RI in 1970!
1968-1971, Was a rigger. Then went to pax river
1970-1973, Homeported at NAS Quonset Point with workups on WASP and INTREPID (1970) then transitioned to FORRESTAL (1971-). What a difference between CVS and CVA deployments.

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1957/09NAS JacksonvilleKNIP
1952/57Elizabeth CityKECG


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1991/09S-70 H-60
1962/91S-61 H-3
1957/62S-58 H-34
1954/57S-55 H-19


jul-74sep-74CY Partition of Cyprus
15-jul-5823-aug-58LB Operation Blue Bat

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