usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eight Four

US Navy

HS-84 : Thunderbolts
United States Naval Aviation

1970 to 1984    

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eight Four
Thunderbolts, tail code NW

1970-1975 - SH-3A
1975-1984 - SH-3D

1984 Redesignated HSL-84

Mid 70s, I was in HS-84 at Ream Field, Imperial Beach and later at NAS North Island. It was a Reserve squadron at the time. I was an ADJ in Power Plants.
1970-1974 stationed at Ream Field with HS-84. Dull but enjoyable duty in beautiful S.D. At EOOS I decided that the military didn't fit into my plans so I was discharged. Met some really great people there. Often reflected back and wondered if I had stayed and did two more years of college and then commissioned what would life had become as an officer? Guess the Viet Nam cloud over our heads did not sit will with many of us. Hated leaving beautiful S.D. but had a higher calling back in N.C. Saying hello to Flannery, McKay, Gary Braun, Lt. Olson, J.D. Korn, and all the others I have forgotten.
1973-1976 AT E3 at Ream and made the move to North Island when they shut down Ream Field. Loved IB, surf city. Fun times going to Hawaii on HMS Provider. Mike Wonder
1975-79s, I was in HS-84 at Ream Field, Imperial Beach and later at NAS North Island. I was an AMS 3 class Jim Yetman
1978-1982, assigned to the Thunderbolts as aircrew and rescue. Love hearing Randoon bringup 10speed,Willie. I remember them all. How about Conrad Brooks,Clint,Mark Clausen,Lester(fester)Ferrell, Rich Folsom:) RIP: Decker Miles,Clff Schoonmaker,Hector Flores and others who perished in Arizona:( Oma Akers
1979 to 1982, I was a Thunderbolt at NAS NORIS from as AMH3 Randy (Randoon) Kendall. 10Speed, Willie, Leroy where are you?? I left in 1982 for cross training to ATC. Working on the SH-3Ds were the best days of my life. We did a Torp-Ex at Whidbey, Rim-Pac, Pacific Missle Test Range Kuai, HI. Flew over there in President Trumans C-118. What a blast. Did ASW for Her Majesties Canadian Ship (HMCS) Provider (AOR-508)

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1970/84S-61 H-3

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61-321 sh-3a 152127 : USN; HS-84 w/o 08apr79

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