usa Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron FOUR

US Navy

HSC-4 : Black Knights
United States Naval Aviation

2012 to present    


Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron FOUR US Navy

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron FOUR
Black Knights, redesignated from HS-4 on March 2012. Flying the MH-60S

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Chilean Air Force in Southern Seas 2015, 13-Oct-15 : USS George Washington (CVN 73) and the Chilean Air Force (FACh) are conducting exercise Blue Sky V as part of Southern Seas, Oct 9-23. Southern Seas 2015 includes Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico


2012/    NAS North Island KNZY


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2012/    S-70 H-60     MH-60S Seahawk

HSC-4 List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
mh-60s 166361 : USN; 2011 HSC-6 /NH-4; 2012 HSC-4 /ND-612
mh-60s 167824 : USN; 2013 HSC-4 /ND-614; 2014 HSC-21 /VR-60
mh-60s 167899 : US Navy; pictured as HSC-4 /ND-611 at NAF El Centro, CA
mh-60s 167900 : USN; HSC-4 /ND-610
70-3802 mh-60s 168396 : USN; HSC-4 /ND-615
mh-60s 168543 : USN; 2013 HSC-4 /NE-614
14 : pictured (pic1) (pic2) in fast rope training of USCG Maritime Safety Respo+
mh-60s 168544 : USN; 2014 HSC-4 /NE-612
mh-60s 168562 : USN; 2014 HSC-4 /NE-613

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