1974 to 1993

usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 34

US Navy

HSL-34 Green Checkers

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 34
Tail code HX, they flew the SH-2F Seasprite

1975-1978, I was with HSL-34 Det.7 at NAS Norfolk. We deployed to the Med and the NA in BuNo 149773 on the USS Jesse L. Brown (FF-1089)

I'm a "black shoe" who served on USS Jesse L Brown (DE / FF-1089) from the late fall of 1974 until July 1978. Once I heard from my guys that we had the same aircraft onboard for a second deployment t had to see if anything remained from the custom paint job that adorned the nose of "Leroy" during our 1975-75 Med deployment. The original paint job was still visible under yet another coat of paint. . For the next 10 or 15 years I always thought that HSL-34 was the best squadron in NORVA. After I left active duty I worked at Kaman (Military Marketing) for 11 years. I was never able to determine whether my cousin, who worked on the H-2 production line in the 1960s, had worked on BuNo 149773. At one point he worked with Jack King. Whenever I was in Norfolk I always hoped that I see BuNo 149773 After | "left" Kaman Aerospace (along with 40% of the work force), I continued to drill with the Naval Reserves at the Shore Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Newport, RI.as the Weekend Repair Officer. Often, I would run into the LAMPS pilots and crew-members when they came over to SIMA Newport to check on a repair job. Of course, I made every effort to finish all repairs to ensure that the ships would be ready to go. (As a side note, one drill weekend I found out the hard way that a civilian crane out of Providence costs $1,000/hour to rent. A young Ensign ("black-shoe") on one of the Frigates signed off on the paperwork for crane and it left the pier before the data link had been tested. I believe the test gear that should have been used was the |UKM-3 I was ticked off at the Ensign, but there wouldn't be any reason for the Frigate to leave port for ASW training without a functional data link, so SIMA had to pay several thousand dollars to get the crane back. If anyone is interested in 1980s vintage "sales promotion" items such as SH-2F stickers and patches, H-2 glassware from the Naval Helicopter Association, SH-2f tie tacks, etc or even an acey-deucy sticker, please contact me . BRG Captain, USN (retired) -

1987-1990, I was a pilot in HSL-34, deployed with both SH-2F 149768 /231 and SH-2F 151303 /235

1991-1993, this is Ams to Gerald W Franklin Sr United States Navy retired I was one of the last green checkers. I deployed on the USS Jack Williams (FFG-24) and USS Antrim (FFG-20) as the leading airframes technician on the sh-2f seasprite helicopter lamps

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1974/93NAS Norfolk KNGU

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1974/93 Seasprite

HSL-34 List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
47 w/o 1975 UH-2A 149745 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 47, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149745 unk; redesig +
: w/o 19jun75 SH-2F type as HSL-34 DET-3 /HX-34 USS Aylwin (FF-1081) crashed+
50 UH-2A 149748 : Jun81 as HSL-34 /HX-230 on USS John Hancock (DD-981); Aug87 pictured as HS+
70 UH-2A 149768 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 70, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149768 unk; redesig +
: 1975-1978, I was with HSL-34 Det.7 at NAS Norfolk. We deployed to the Med +
: Jun82 pictured as HSL-34 /HX-231 on the flight deck of USS Deyo (DD-989)
71 w/o 1984 UH-2A 149769 : Sep82 pictured as HSL-34 /HX-234 during Unitas XXI
106 UH-2B 150156 : 1974-78 as SH-2F HSL-34 Det.3 with modex green checker 30 cruising on USS +
Royal Australian Navy N29-150156
Kaman N319AK
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3612
117 w/o 1986 UH-2B 150167 : asg HSL-34 w/o crashed while deployed on the USS Fahrion
US Marine Corps 150167
140 UH-2B 151303 : 1977 SH-2F type as HSL-34 Det.5 aboard USS Moinester (FF-1097)
: 19feb86 pictured as SH-2F type HSL-34 /HX-235 lifts a crewman from the wat+
175 UH-2B 152191 : SH-2F type as HSL-34 /HX-242 aboard USS Connole (FF-1056) visited Amsterd+
: This aircraft could not have been in Amsterdam in July of 1991; HX-242 Bu+
Royal New Zealand Air Force -
190 UH-2B 152206 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 190, ff?; del USN as HU2K-1U 158206 unk; redesig+
198 w/o 1989 SH-2F 161648 : HSL-34 /HX-242, replacement for the previous HX-242, BuNo 152191
230 w/o 1987 SH-2F 162579 : w/o 16sep87 HSL-34 /HX lost in north atlantic
237 w/o 1989 SH-2F 162586 : Kaman Model 20 Seasprite, c/n 237, ff?; del USN as SH-2F 162586 unk; xfer +
250 SH-2G 163214 : 1990-1993 as SH-2F type asg HSL-34; unk date noted as SH-2G type flying w+

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