1984 to 2001

usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 84

US Navy

HSL-84 Thunderbolts

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 84
Redesignated from HS-84

Jun85-Nov86 - I was surface sailor assigned to HSL-84 at NAS North Island on limited duty after shattering both heels and being reassigned to shore duty. BT2 Arnold. What a great place. I pulled the 1600-0800 Night Petty Officer of the Watch every other day during my time there and met a lot of really great people who all seemed to really enjoy where they were and what they were doing. Can't really recall a lot of names because I wasn't "one of the guys" - you were all airedales as far as I was concerned, but you all rocked it as I recall. CDR Wendt; LCDR McLaughlin; All the senior Petty Officers... Great memories. I was just doing my job and you A-holes nominated me and secured for me a San Diego Annual Leadership Award which was presented to me in front of the full squadron in formation by one of the city's leading council women. I still have that picture and you all were smirking and smiling because you knew you had surprised me. Thank you for appreciating the little this BT2 could do to help your squadron. I've made mistakes in life, but joining the Navy was never one of them. -

Jan86-Aug89, I was a parachute rigger at HSL-84. PR2 Newnan. The squadron was awesome. Had great times while stationed there.

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1984/01NAS North Island KNZY

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1984/01 Seasprite

HSL-84 List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
21 UH-2A 149017 : USN HU2K-1; redesig UH-2A Oct62; redesig HH-2D, 1970; redesig SH-2D, 1972;+
193 SH-2F 161643 : Kaman Model 20 Seasprite, c/n 193, ff?; del USN as SH-2F 161643 unk; unit +
: SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-02
194 SH-2F 161644 : SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-05
211 SH-2F 161900 : SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-07
251 SH-2G 163541 : planned SH-2F; built SH-2G; 12feb95 pictured as HSL-84 /NW-07
: SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-06
253 SH-2G 163543 : SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-04
Polish Navy 3543
254 SH-2G 163544 : SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-00
Polish Navy 163544
255 SH-2G 163545 : SH-2G HSL-84 / NW-01
Polish Navy 3545

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