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  • usa Helicopter Utility Squadron TWO

    US Navy

    HU-2 : Fleet Angels

    1948 to 1965    


    Formed from the separation of VX-3 into two operational units on 1 Jul 1948, at Lakehurst. During the late 1950s, HU-2 maintained a number of HUP-2 detachments embarked upon carriers, particularly those of the 6th Fleet. On 1 Jul 1965, HU-2 was re-constituted as Helicopter Combat Support Squadron TWO (HC-2).

    Dec48-Jun53, I went from boot camp to HU-2 at Lakehurst,NJ. Made 2 short cruises and 1 Med cruise on the USS Baltimore (CA-68) in 1952. Enjoyed the sqdn very much. Worked in the metal shop. I retired in Jacksonville, Fl 1971 Don. Townsend AMS1 USN Ret -
    1953, My Dad, Cmdr. Bob Street was maintenance in HC-2, and retired shortly after the Fleet Angels settled into their new home in Norfolk. He did three tours at Lakehurst. I was born there in that little dispensary in 1953 when he was with LTA squadron ZP-3. Then to Akron, Ohio where he was stationed with Goodyear when they were building blimps, on to Argentia, Newfoundland, and back to a blimp squadron at Lakehurst when I was 5. His last tour there was with HSL-30 and HC-2 helicopter squadrons. I still have a big ribbon that my mother saved from a floral arrangement sent to my brother’s funeral from HC-2. It says HC-2 Fleet Angels on it. -
    early 1950-1960, HU 2 detachment 1, was based at NAS, Norfolk, VA. Air Sea Rescue and anti submarine duties. Primary aircraft. Piasecki HUP Served 1952/1955
    1953-1955 CAPT Richard Roberts was the Commanding officer (Turning 107 years old April 17th, 2021)

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    1948/65NAS LakehurstKNEL


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