japan Komaki Kyunantai

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Komaki Air Rescue Squadron
Japanese Air Force


The Komaki Kyunantai (Air Rescue Squadron) reports to the Kuko Kyunandan (Air Rescue Wing) and provides SAR for military forces from its base at Komaki Air Base (RJNN). It has flown the KV-107II-5/A-5 and now flies the UH-60J and U-125A.

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1955/    Komaki Air BaseRJNN


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List of aircraft

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
4158 kv-107iia-5 1990 04-4851 : 23oct11 on open display at Nagoya Komaki airbase (RJNA)
5035 CH-47J 1992 27-4482 : Kawasaki CH-47J, c/n 5035, ff?; del JASDF as 27-4482, unk; asgd Kasuga Her+
2005 UH-60J 1992 28-4555 : Mitsubishi UH-60J, c/n 2005, ff?; del JASDF as UH-60J, 28-4555/555, ~1992;+
: JASDF; 1994 Komaki Kyunantai
M62-012 S-62J 1965 53-4775 : Mitsubishi S-62J, c/n M62-012, ff?; del JASDF as 53-4775, 28Oct65; wfu ~19+
4143 kv-107iia-5 1985 54-4836 : KV-107IIA-5, c/n 4143,?ff? del?JASDF as 54-4836, date?;?asgd Hyakuri ARW M+
4147 kv-107iia-5 1986 64-4840 : KV-107IIA-5, c/n 4147, ff? del JASDF as 64-4840, date?; units unknown, w+
: JASDF; 1994 Komaki Kyunantai
4148 kv-107iia-5 1986 64-4841 : JASDF; 1994 Komaki Kyunantai
4156 kv-107iia-5 1989 94-4849 : JASDF; 1994 Komaki Kyunantai

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