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LAA helicopters operate from Whitechapel but stay overnight at RAF Northolt. In May 2018, LAA used Helimed 27 as the duty callsign. Helimed 28 was only used if both helicopters were called out.
At the 2022 Farnborough Air Show, it was announced that the two H135 airframes are due to be delivered in Sep and Oct 2024 respectively.

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1989-    Royal London Hospital

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2024 EC135/H135
2000-    MD902 Explorer
1989/00 SA365 Dauphin 2

London Air Ambulance List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
900/00068 md902 2000 G-EHMS : London Air Ambulance (LAA) from Jul00
: LAA pictured in brilliant first time landing straight onto the mobile pla+
: 04mar16 London Air Ambulance named this helicopter Rowan
: In use by London Air Ambulance ( LAA ) via Specialist Aviation Services as+
MD Helicopters N3212K
6009 w/o 2016 sa365n 1982 G-HEMS : G-HEMS allocated Aug 1988, a/c delivered to LAA from Marseilles Dec 1988 a+
: London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service / London Air Ambulance until 2+
: 12+13may90 LAA at North Weald Fighter Meet Airshow
- N365AM
- 8P-BHD
PDG Helicopters G-HEMS
PDG Helicopters G-PDGK
900/00125 md902 2008 G-LNDN : London Air Ambulance from Aug15
: Feb16 London Air Ambulance named this helicopter Walter
: In use by London Air Ambulance via Specialist Aviation Services as Helimed+
: Jan19 pictured (pic2) with LAA
MD Helicopters N999GQ
- N999GQ
Gulf Helicopters A7-NHA

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