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  • usa MedFlight of Ohio

    State of Ohio

    Air Medical Services

    1995 to present    

    MedFlight of Ohio List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    7078 bk117a3 N1140H : GRANT Life Flight merged into MedFlight, pictured
    MBB Helicopter Corp N422MB : MBB, test serial D-HBNZ
    - N212AE : USA, to N216AE
    - N216AE : to N1140H
    Omniflight N1140H : Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX Oct03-Mar05
    - D-HMED : preserved as Prometheus Luftrettung, Berlin
    7499 ec130b4 2012 N130CL : Wells Fargo Bank from Jan13; MedFlightOhio Jul14
    Eurocopter USA N664AE : American Eurocopter
    7190 ec130b4 2011 N130EE : Buckeye Leasing Inc at Shreveport, LA from Jun12; MedFlightOhio, pictured
    Eurocopter USA N130EE : American Eurocopter May/Aug 2011
    Metro Aviation N130EE : Metro Aviation Aug11-Jun12
    7167 ec130b4 2010 N130HB : JP Morgan Chase Bank from Jan12; Ohio Medical Transportation Inc at Columb+
    Eurocopter USA N130HB : American Eurocopter May11
    Metro Aviation N130HB : Metro Aviation Jun/Dec 2011
    7490 ec130b4 2012 N130JV : Wells Fargo Bank from Jan13; MedFlightOhio /MedFlight9, Jeffersonville, Ju+
    Eurocopter USA N663AE : American Eurocopter
    7142 ec130b4 N130KH : JP Morgan Chase Bank from Jan12; MedFlightOhio /MedFlight3
    7103 ec130b4 2011 N130MU : JP Morgan Chase Bank from Jan12; Ohio Medical Transportation Inc at Columb+
    Eurocopter USA N130MU : American Eurocopter Feb11
    Metro Aviation N130MU : Metro Aviation Mar11-Feb12
    7221 ec130b4 2011 N130NB : Buckeye Leasing Inc at Shreveport, LA from Jun12; MedFlightOhio
    Metro Aviation N130NB : Metro Aviation Sep11-Jun12
    7017 ec130b4 2010 N130NE : MedFlightOhio, op by Metro
    Eurocopter USA N943AE : American Eurocopter Oct10
    Metro Aviation N130NE : Metro Aviation from Feb11, test serial N943AE
    7182 ec130b4 2011 N130NW : MedFlightOhio; pictured
    MEDFLIGHT2 : based in Marysville, OH
    Metro Aviation N130NW : Metro Aviation from Jun11
    0351 ec135p2 2004 N135AN : MedFlightOhio /2; May05 pictured (pic1)
    CFS Air N135AN : Cfs Air from Sep04, test serial N170AE
    Air Methods N135AN : Air Care Team at Orlando, FL op by Air Methods, noted Apr13, new red/blac+
    State of Florida N135AN : Helifleet 2013-1 Llc at Danbury, CT from Dec13
    : Orlando Health Air Care Team at Orlando, FL; Jul14 pictured (pic2) at Orla+
    : Orlando Health; 27apr16 impacted by vehicle while landed at vehicular acci+
    0346 ec135p2 2004 N135CH : MedFlightOhio /4, noted 2005
    CFS Air N135CH : Cfs Air from Sep04, test serial N166AE
    State of Florida N135CH : Helifleet 2013-1 Llc at Danbury, CT from Sep13
    : Orlando Health, Air Care Team; 01mar15 pictured (pic2) at Flagler Hospital+
    0706 ec135p2+ 2008 N135CM : MedFlightOhio, noted Jan14
    State of New Jersey N135CM : Jack Prewitt and Assoc at Bedford, TX Nov08-Nov12, test serial N706MF
    : HackensackUMC, noted Apr12. Temporary, waiting for new N551HU
    Air Methods N135CM : Air Methods from Nov12
    Mercy Air N135CM : Mercy Air (Air Methods), noted Jan16; Apr18 CHOC Children's pictured
    2835 as350b2 1994 N204HN : pictured unk
    - JA6145 : Alpine Dec94-Dec05
    Air Methods N204HN : Air Methods Mar06-Jul16
    - HP-1932HA : Panama from Jul16
    760232 s-76a 1981 N3122G : OSUMC SkyMed merged into MedFlight, pictured
    State of Vermont N761MH : Mansfield Heliflight Inc at Milton, VT from Jul11
    7038 bk117a1 1984 N4493X : /3, pictured unk
    MBB Helicopter Corp N4493X : MBB Oct84, test serial D-HBMM
    - N112LL : Vesey Air Llc
    Omniflight N112LL : Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX Feb08-Jan12
    - N112LL : Hawke Aircraft Holdings Inc at Morgantown, PA Jan12-May15
    Patriot Aviation Inc N112LL : Patriot Aviation Inc at Wilmington, DE from May15, 117A-3 type
    7142 bk117b1 1988 N460H : Lexington, Ohio
    MBB Helicopter Corp N90266 : MBB USA, test serial D-HBDK
    - N460H : Chase Equipment Finance Inc at Columbus, OH 2004-2009
    State of Missouri N150KF : Cyfly Llc at San Francisco, CA Oct11-Jan15 St. Louis Children’s Hospital+
    - N150KF : Sqn Helo 3 Llc at New York, NY from Jan15
    7317 ec130b4 2012 N47HN : Banc of America Leasing and Capital from Oct12; MedFlightOhio, /MedFlight7
    Eurocopter USA N380AM : American Eurocopter
    7103 bk117a3 1986 N527MB : MedFlightOhio; canc
    Omniflight N527MB : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX Jul98-Jul16; conv to 117A-4
    7054 bk117a1 1984 N8765J : MedFlight of Ohio /1, pictured unk
    - ZS-XBV : South Africa, test serial D-HBNB
    Lesotho Defence Force LDF-27 : Lesotho Defence Force Air Wing 27apr85-May86
    - ZS-HRP : South Africa, to N8765J
    PHI Inc N8765J : PHI Oct94-Oct14, 117A-4 type
    State of Michigan N8765J : Midwest Medflight, op by PHI; noted 2002-2007 white-red livery
    State of Tennessee N8765J : WellmontOne Air Transport, op by PHI; green-blue livery, noted 2012
    - 4X-BDN : Israel from Oct14, Bk117A-4 type

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