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    Fleet Air Arm

    NATIU :

    1941 to present    


    In existence since at least 1942 as the Naval Air Radio Installation Unit., (NARIU). In the 1957 FLIGHT magazine it states - based at RNAS Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus) and undertook the design and construction of aircraft electronic installations for service trials, exercises and equipment evaluation. It also provided mobile air radio and radar workshops. Reported to Flag Officer Air (Home). It worked on a number of secret projects concealed under the heading of Trial installation of various H.F, V.H.F, radar, radio compass and navigational aid equipments in various aircraft and helicopters.; At some stage it was renamed Naval Air Trials Installation Unit (NATIU) at least by 1975. NATIU drew aircraft from the fleet as required, but did have a few based aircraft, for example Wessex HU.5 XS482 and XT757.

    My Grandfather William Frederick James Salter was on the NARIU/NATIU board for 22 years from 1952 HMS Siskin - HMS Daedalus 1974

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    NATIU List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    55-475 HO4S-3 1953 WV203 : Lee-on-Solent by Sep 1957; 728 Sq C Flt/623 by Feb 1968; NARIU by Sep 1958+
    United States Naval Aviation 133743 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-475, ff:?; acc BuAerRep (BAR) East Hartford, CT, 30Ju+
    - ZS-HDO : sold to Autair 19 Nov 1970 to ZS-HDO; pres. SAAF Museum, Swartkop (nr Pret+
    wa158 hu.5 1963 XS484 : pictured (pic1) at RNAS Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus), operated by NATIU (T+
    Ministry of Defence (MoD) XS484 : delivered to MoD (then Ministry of Aviation) development and test fleet at+
    : shown at 1964 Farnborough Airshow
    - XS484 : Noted at Hanningfield Metals Feb 1996
    f.9580 Wasp 1964 XS569 : dd Jul 1964 to RN. 703 Sq, NATIU, Wroughton to A2717, then A2639 G.I. Flee+
    f.9585 Wasp 1964 XT415 : RN d/d 23 Oct 1965; 700W Sq Aurora Flt/185, 829 Sq /455 by 1965; Paris Air+
    Royal New Zealand Navy XT415 : To RNZN for spares.
    f.9599 Wasp 1965 XT429 : RN, d/d 01 Jun 1965; Vidal Flt/408 by Jun 1968 until c Mar 1970; Bahrein S+
    Royal Malaysian Navy M499-08 : ex UK RN XT429, d/d 08/1992 to Malaysian Navy as M499-08. wfu 26 Sep 2002
    wa479 hu.5 1966 XT757 : dd to Fleetlands store 21 Jul 1966, NATIU 1973-1974, 846Sq/XT by Mar 1975,+
    Royal Marines XT757 : reactivated 847 NAS 07may-24sep 1982 as /XH
    : 847Sq /XH noted here on 13 May 1982, to join mv Atlantic Causeway later th+
    wa485 hu.5 1966 XT763 : Used Jan-Apr 1967 in a joint NARIU and 707Sq equipment trial, 845 Sq/T-B b+
    f.9721 Wasp 1968 XV626 : RN, d/d 18 Jun 1968; 829Sq Andromeda Flt/472-AM by Mar 1969 until c Oct 19+
    Royal Malaysian Navy M499-06 : ex UK RN as XV626, to Malaysian Navy as M499-06. wfu 26 Sep 2002
    : pictured (pic1) during an exercise de-brief
    wa 665 has.1 1970 XV677 : HAS.1 820Sq /410-BL by Jan 1973, 814Sq /270-H by Mar 1974, NATIU trials a/+
    - XV677 : The airframe is currently stored at HMS Sultan awaiting it's relocatio+
    : 25/07/06 - Moved to AeroVenture, Doncaster, UK, home of South Yorkshire Ai+
    : pictured at Aeroventure, Doncaster in 814 Squadron marks.
    010 has.2 1977 XZ233 : NATIU Lee on Solent uncoded 26Jan87; A & AEE uncoded 10Apr87; NATIU Lee on+
    - XZ233 : stripped for parts for Wildcat awaiting sale or scrap at Middle Wallop
    019 has.2 1977 XZ237 : RN f/f 01Jul77 Westlands Yeovil; 28Jul77 (log book date) 08Aug77 official+
    - XZ237 : May13 on loan to inflite engineering as a sample to aid manufacture
    : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013, still Apr 2014
    : ornament at Wild Park Brailsford paintball park by Oct17
    094 has.2 1978 XZ254 : RN;HAS2 Type; First Flight 19Dec78; NASU Yeovilton 15Jan79; NATIU Lee on S+
    - XZ254 : to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    113 has.2 1979 XZ690 : 16Mar88 AMG RNAS Porland; 03May88 NATIU RNAS Lee-on-Solent; 16Jun88 702 Sq+
    - XZ690 : 22oct17 apparently she's at Delta force Paintball in Glasgow
    : 30jun18 seen today, is indeed at the West Glasgow Delta Force Paintball
    128 has.2 1979 XZ694 : RN HAS.2; d/d 23Aug79 to NASU Yeovilton; 11Sep79 to NATIU Lee-on-Solent, +
    : 27Oct86 to NASU Yeovilton for GM Conversion, (the 3rd GM Conv); 02Apr87 to+
    - - : privately owned by myself, Andy Rawden since Jan18; Apr20 is being loving+
    186 has.2 1980 XZ724 : 10Dec87 829 Squadron, HMS Boxer coded 376, named "Elwood"; 23Jun88 Westlan+
    200 has.2 1980 XZ728 : 26Sept80 delivered to NASU Yeovilton as HAS.2; 30Mar81 to Westlands; 24Jul+
    wa 899 has.5 1982 ZA166 : pictured (pic5) seen at RNAS Lee-on-Solent with 820 Squadron, operating wi+
    Developing Assets (UK) Ltd ZA166 : HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting by Jun17 following le+
    : Dara pictured (pic4) off Portland, on a training flight with HeliOperati+
    299 has.3 1983 ZD263 : RN; 28Jul83 delivered to RNAY Wroughton for store;19Sep84 delivered to NAS+
    316 has.3 1985 ZD565 : RN, f/f 10Jan85 Westlands Yeovil; 28Jan85 delievered RN as HAS3 type to RN+