germany Polizei-Hubschrauberstaffel Niedersachsen


Lower Saxony Police
German Local Police

1951 to present    

niedersachsen polizei md902

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Polizei-Hubschrauberstaffel Niedersachsen List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
5009 sa365c D-HOPE : Polizei Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Police), 2004, SA365C2 type; 2013 stil+
: 13Mar09 achieved 30 years of service with Niedersachsen Landespolizei and +
1095 sa341g 1974 D-HOPL : Polizei Niedersachsen, based Hannover/Langenhagen; later conv SA341J; 2002+
- SE-HUN : from 23jan03, as 2012 only Gazelle reg in Sweden; Odin Choppers; w/o 22ma+
2047 sa319b D-HOPM : Polizei in 1995 Polizei Niedersachsen
: Polizei; 13aug95 Polizei Niedersachsen Flugtag im Nordholz
5062 sa365c2 D-HOPQ : Polizei Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Police), pictured
- S5-HCK : Slovenia unk
900/00059 md902 D-HPNA : Polizei; 10sep06 Polizei Niedersachsen Tag der Heeresflieger
900/00061 md902 D-HPNB : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial N92139; w/o 14nov07 Hannover/Langenhag+
900/00064 md902 D-HPNC : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial N3064K
900/00087 md902 2001 D-HPND : Polizei Niedersachsen; replaced D-HPNB c Dec 2007
Dutch Police Aviation PH-PXB : until c 2003
- N7037J : to N7037J with Action Aviation UK, for sale
1183 EC135P2+ 2015 D-HPNE : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial D-HCBK
: 30oct15 Polizei Niedersachsen at homebase
: 15jun19 asg Niedersachsen pictured at German Armed Forces Day in Nordholz
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HCBK : Airbus Helicopters to D-HPNE
1191 EC135P2+ 2015 D-HPNF : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial D-HCBF
: 30oct15 Polizei Niedersachsen at homebase
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HCBF : Airbus Helicopters to D-HPNF

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