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  • usa Phoenix Police Department

    State of Arizona

    PHXPD :

    1973 to present    

    Phoenix Police Department List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    11629 aw109e 2004 N109FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Fire Depts (PFD) from Jul05, test serial N4UG; "Fi+
    14502 aw119 2005 N195FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Jun06-Sep15; pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley
    AgustaWestland USA N4QY : AgustaWestland, Pa Oct05-Mar06, reser N195FB
    - N119WG : Red River Aircraft Leasing Llc at Anchorage, AK from Sep15
    14056 a119 2005 N196FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Jun06-Oct15
    : pictured as PHXPD /Firebird 6 at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
    AgustaWestland USA N9QX : AgustaWestland, PA from Jul05
    - N129WG : Red River Aircraft Leasing Llc at Anchorage, AK from Oct15
    14509 aw119 2006 N198FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep06-Oct15; pictured as /Firebird 8 at Phoenix De+
    - N139WG : Red River Aircraft Leasing Llc at Anchorage, AK from Oct15
    3782 as350b3 2004 N351FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Dec04; pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley
    3920 as350b3 2005 N352FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Jul05; pictured as /Firebird 2 at Phoenix Dee+
    3926 as350b3 2005 N353FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Jul05; pictured as /Firebird 3 at Phoenix Dee+
    4919 as350b3 2010 N357FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from May10; pictured as /Firebird 7 at Phoenix Dee+
    4660 as350b3 2009 N359FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Nov09; pictured as /Firebird 9 at Phoenix Dee+
    LN001 md520n N521FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, test serial N58521
    - C-GSXC : Apr07-Aug08
    : Oceanview Helicopters at Powell River, BC Aug08-May11
    : Fireweed Helicopters at Whitehorse, YK May11-Dec14
    : Dec14 Sold to New Zealand
    - ZK-IRS : Rotor Flite N.Z. Ltd Jan15
    : Central Helicopters (2014) Ltd at Opotiki, NZ Jul17
    : Stark Airlines Ltd at Whitianga from Sep18
    LN002 md520n 1991 N522FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Jan92-Jul06
    - VH-INY : Gunn Resources at QLD Australia from Aug06
    : pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
    : Jun15 Operating as an Essential Energy contractor in NSW
    : wfu, fate unk
    LN003 md520n 1991 N523FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, test serial N58523; pictured
    State of Louisiana N523FB : K-tek Aircraft at Baton Rouge, LA from May07-Apr15
    : Southern Helicopters Inc at Sunshine, LA from Apr15
    LN004 md520n 1992 N524FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, to N520MG
    - N524FB : Adworks Marketing at Dublin, Ohio Jun07-Jan08
    - N520MG : Hagedorn Aviation at Wilmington, DE from Feb08; May19 still
    LN005 md520n 1992 N525FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, to N909AG
    - N909AG : Air and Land Ventures at Wilmington, DE May07-Jan15
    : Ftav Llc at Henderson, NV from Jan15
    LN006 md520n 1992 N526FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD), to D-HABF
    - D-HABF : Hahn Helicopter GmbH from Aug06; Oct10 for sale by AeroSales, Calden
    LN007 md520n 1992 N527FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) 1991-Jan06
    - N527FB : Helicopter Minit Men Inc at Columbus, Ohio from Jun06
    : Chatham County Mosquito Control at Savannah, GA from Nov10
    LN097 md520n 2002 N528FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Jan03-Jan06, to N520GK
    - N520GK : Vortex Helicopters at West Glacier, MT Apr06-Apr19; Apr10 for sale by Gar+
    : Glacier Aviation Services Inc at Naples, FL from Apr19
    LN098 md520n 2002 N529FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) 20jun03-Jan06, to ZK-HWH
    - ZK-HWH : Faram Helicopters Ltd at Gisborne, New Zealand from Apr06; Aug08 for sal+
    109-0592D 369d N58402 : Phoenix Police (PHXPD), to N511SB
    - N511SB : Wells Fargo Bank from Dec05
    109-0593D 369d N58424 : Phoenix Police (PHXPD)
    Evergreen Helicopters N58424 : Evergreen, noted May06
    64-0313 269C / 300 N8990F : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Aug74
    - N8990F : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee at Cornwall, UK from Jul07
    : Dec13 at Dublin, Ireland
    61-0120 269C / 300 1971 N9666F : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Feb74; preserved Phoenix Police Museum

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