Rotak LLC is an Alaska Limited-Liability Company filed on January 19, 2016

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News of ROTAK

K-MAX in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria, 28-Feb-18 : K-MAX operator ROTAK Helicopter Services of Anchorage, Alaska will be operating on Puerto Rico supporting infrastructure re-building efforts following the devastation of hurricane Maria

ROTAK Orders Two Kaman K-MAX, 04-Apr-17 : ROTAK Helicopter Services of Anchorage, Alaska has placed orders for two K-MAX helicopters with deliveries expected in 2018. Back in production, first two K-MAX going this year to China.




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Kaman K-MAX

ROTAK List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
A94-0028 k-max 2000 N357KA : Heli 807 Leasing Llc at Anchorage, AK from Feb18; ROTAK; 10mar18 at San Ju+
Kaman N482PH : Kaman 2000
Peruvian National Police ? : US Department of State as N357KA from 27Mar01; to Peruvian National Polic+
- N357KA : Lockheed Martin Systems from 23Sep08; modified as UAV 2009-2010
US Marine Corps 169221 : 2011-2013 as A11496, UAV for field testing in Afghanistan
: Kaman CQ-24A K-MAX; May16 as VMX-22 /FF-01 d/d MCAS Yuma, AZ
: Mar17 VMX-1 /FF-01 stored at MCAS Yuma
A94-0045 k-max 2018 N803RA : Heli 803 Leasing Llc at Anchorage, AK from Jun18; ROTAK ; Nov18 relief sup+
Kaman N803RA : Kaman Mar18
A94-0046 k-max 2018 N805RA : Heli 805 Leasing Llc at Anchorage, AK from Oct18; ROTAK
Kaman N805RA : Kaman May18