japan Shirase Hikohan

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Artic Exploration Flight
Japanese Navy


The Shirase Hikohan is the Artic Exploration Flight that flies from the icebreaker JNS Shirase and reports directly to the Yokusuka Chihotai (Wing). It is based at Tateyama (RJTE). After retiring its S-61A/A-1 helicopters in 2005, it may have been temporarily disbanded pending delivery of the new KHI CH-101 helos currently undergoing evaluation at 51 Kokutai at Atsugi.

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1963/    Tateyama Naval Air BaseRJTE


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2010/    MCH-101
1963/    S-61

Shirase Hikohan List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
KHI03 CH-101 2008 8191 : KHI Merlin CH-101, c/n KHI03, f/f ?; d/d to JMSDF as 8191/91 Sep08; xfer 1+
KHI04 CH-101 2009 8192 : KHI Merlin CH-101, c/n KHI04, f/f ?; d/d to JMSDF as 8192/92 May09; xfer 1+
KHI11 CH-101 2013 8193 : JMSDF CH-101; 2013 111 Kok asg Shirase Hikohan