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AHS Applauds NASA’s Mars Helicopter Selection, 14-May-18 : Similarities between the University of Maryland’ Martian Autonomous Rotary-wing Vehicle (MARV) winner of the 1999 American Helicopter Society International’s (AHS) Annual Student Design Competition and the NASA Mars Helicopter are quite noticeable

Solar-Powered, Piloted Helicopter, 09-Sep-16 : University of Maryland (UMD) Gamera Team of students has successfully lift a helicopter and passenger through the sole use of solar power




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Bell 407
Bell 412

University of Maryland List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
33023 412 1981 N412UM : University of Maryland (UM), noted 2007
PHI Inc N3911L : PHI, noted 1998
Lahak Aviation N412UM : Lahak Aviation Israel from 2011; Haifa to gas drilling platforms offshore;+
53278 407 1998 N721PH : PHI Air Medical /airCare2 pictured on the roof University of Maryland (UM)+
PHI Inc N721PH : PHi from May02
PHI Inc N427P : PHI Air Medical from Feb17