argentina Batallon de Helicopteros de Asalto 601

Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino

BHelicAsal601 : Assault Helicopters Battalion 601
Argentine Army Aviation

1956 to present    

Batallon de Helicopteros de Asalto 601 Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino

Batallon de Helicopteros de Asalto 601
main unit of the argentine army aviation, provides crew and aircraft to permanent forward units along the country

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1982 Port StanleySFAL
1956/    Campo de MayoSADO


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1986/    AS332B Super Puma
1979/82CH-47C Chinook
1978/96SA330L Puma
1976/    212
1970/    205     UH-1H Iroquois

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
uh-1d -: BuNo unk. d/d sep2007 as spares to Argentine Army in exchange per 205
uh-1d -: BuNo unk. d/d sep2007 as spares to Argentine Army in exchange per 205
9523 uh-1h 1968 -: Ejercito d/d May2010 in non fly condition; ex FAA H-14
Argentine Air Force H-14: FAA d/d 1968, FMS BuNo 67-17325; May10 transf to Army
8544 uh-1d -: Ejercito d/d 2001; ex 66-16350; conv to UH-1H unk; for spares with "AHXA0+
US Army Aviation 66-16350: US Army; 02oct95 AMARC/XA0528; Mar01 to Argentina
5288 uh-1d -: Ejercito d/d May10 in non fly condition, ex FAA H-09
Argentine Air Force H-09: FAA d/d 11sep97, ex BuNo 66-0805; may03 pictured (top) at Buenos Aires port with PNMF ( Plan Naciona...
US Army Aviation 66-00805: US Army; Nov84 to Nov92 I was the crewchief at B CO 1/185th Avn Bn Mississippi Army National Guard. ...
9522 uh-1h 1968 -: Ejercito d/d May2010 in non fly condition, ex FAA H-12; 2013 unknown if i+
Argentine Air Force H-12: FAA d/d 1968, FMS BuNo 67-17324; 17aug82 pictured (photo unknown source) at Ituzaingo. Autorotate a...
11552 uh-1h -: Ejercito d/d 2010; ex ARA 3-H-307; pictured at Campo de Mayo
US Army Aviation 69-15264:
Argentine Navy 0879: ARA 3-H-307 d/d dec00; ex 69-15264; feb08 3rd Esc desactivated and stored; aug10 transferred to Co...
12586 uh-1h -: Ejercito d/d 2010 as spares; ex ARA 3-H-302
US Army Aviation 70-16281:
Argentine Navy 0880: ARA 3-H-302 d/d nov00; ex 70-16281; 17may05 pictured with UN cammo at Espora; 15mar07 crash at Viedm...
5483 uh-1d -: Ejercito d/d May2010 in non fly condition; ex FAA H-15; pictured at Campo +
Argentine Air Force H-15: FAA d/d 11dec97, ex BuNo 66-1000; May10 transf to Army
US Army Aviation 66-01000: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1997 to Argentina
5763 uh-1d ?: Ejercito 2012; in exchanged to Museum by ex FAA H-15; pictured (pic2) at C+
Argentine Air Force H-16: FAA d/d 16nov97, ex BuNo 66-16069; wfu 2006; pictured (pic1) Preserved Aeronautical National Museum ...
US Army Aviation 66-16069: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1997 to Argentina
11386 uh-1h AE-400: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15098. d/d feb70
11387 uh-1h AE-401: Ejercito; BuNo 69-15099; d/d 1970; pictured during Ajax 2010 exercise
11883 uh-1h AE-402: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15595. d/d 1970. w/o 08jun72
11884 uh-1h AE-403: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15596. d/d 1970; 2010 conv Huey II as AE-469
13188 uh-1h AE-404: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21489. d/d 1973; w/o 06oct09 Las Lomitas, Formosa
13189 uh-1h AE-405: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21490. d/d 1973
13190 uh-1h AE-406: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21491. d/d 1973; 23apr82 to Malvinas/Falklands on FAA C-+
- AE-406: Tail boom at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum (SYAM), Doncaster by 2012; Jun16 pictured
13203 uh-1h AE-407: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21504. d/d 23oct73
13204 uh-1h AE-408: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21505. d/d 23oct73
13205 uh-1h 1972 AE-409: Ejercito d/d 23oct73, BuNo 72-21506
AE-409: 09apr82 to Malvinas/Falklands on ARA Bahia Paraiso; 1983 stored at Duxford+
- AE-409: 2013 preserved Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
13220 uh-1h AE-410: Ejercito d/d 13sep73; BuNo 72-21521; 18apr82 to Malvinas/Falklands on FAA +
- AE-410: Believed to be buried in a land fill near My Pleasant
13221 uh-1h AE-411: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21522 d/d 13sep73; w/o 05may76 crashed near Rio Caspich+
13559 uh-1h AE-412: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22076 d/d 03mar73; Oct75 damaged during Battle of Achera+
13560 uh-1h 1973 AE-413: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22077 d/d 03mar73
AE-413: 21apr82 to Malvinas/Falklands on FAA C-130; 14jun82 captured
- G-HUEY: RAF Air Tattoo Ltd Jul85-Jan92
- G-HUEY: Butane Buzzard Aviation Jan92-Feb00
- G-HUEY: 03aug13 pictured as /560 at Damyn s Hall
- G-HUEY: 1987 film 007 The Living Daylights in white livery
- G-HUEY: Bornemouth Aviation Museum. preserved Odiham
- G-HUEY: Argonauts Holdings Ltd Oct02-Jul07
- G-HUEY: G-Huey Partnership Jul07-Apr11
- G-HUEY: MX Jets Ltd from Apr11
- G-HUEY: 14may17 static display at Abingdon Air and Country show
- G-HUEY: Bournemouth Aviation Museum by Mar 2002
13568 uh-1h AE-414: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22085 d/d 25apr75
13567 uh-1h AE-415: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22084 d/d 25apr75; Esc Av Expl Atq 602; 1979 pictured at+
13569 uh-1h AE-416: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22086 d/d 25apr75; w/o 09Feb93 Tartagal, Salta
13570 uh-1h AE-417: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22087 d/d 14mar75; 23apr82 to Falklands/Malvinas on FAA +
13571 uh-1h AE-418: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22088 d/d 25feb75; 23apr82 to Falklands/Malvinas on FAA +
13841 uh-1h AE-419: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22517 d/d 06dic76. w/o 30apr82 Caleta Olivia, Patagonia +
13842 uh-1h AE-420: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22518 d/d 06dec76
13843 uh-1h AE-421: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22519 d/d 06dec76; 2009 conv Huey II as AE-466
13844 uh-1h AE-422: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22520 d/d 06dec76; Apr82 to Falklands/Malvinas on FAA C-+
13933 uh-1h AE-423: Ejercito. BuNo 77-22929 d/d 16oct78; w/o 30jun88
13934 uh-1h AE-424: Ejercito. BuNo 77-22930 d/d 16oct78; 23apr82 to Malvinas/Falklands on FAA +
- VP-FBD: ex AE-424
- G-BMLA: Grampian Helicopters Intl Jan86-Sep87
- VH-UHE: Australia, ex G-BMLA
- P2-405: Papua New Guinea, ex VH-UHE
30151 205A-1 AE-425: Ejercito d/d 31nov78; w/o 16jul80
30152 205A-1 AE-426: Ejercito d/d 22nov78, ex N59440; ret date unk; preserved Army Museum at Ci+
- N205CK: Alvac Inc at Boise, ID from 2008; ex AE-426
30162 205A-1 AE-427: Ejercito d/d 31nov78; 2007 exchanged for UH-1H; to civ N205JL
- N205JL: Alvac Inc at Boise, Indiana from Jan08
30213 205A-1 AE-428: Ejercito d/d 03nov78; 1986 pictured at Campo de Mayo; May99 pictured again+
- N205LM: Alvac Inc 2009; Boise, Indiana
30282 205A-1 AE-429: Ejercito d/d 22dec78; 2007 exchanged for UH-1H; to civ N205DY
State of Idaho N205DY: Idaho Helicopters from Oct07
30283 205A-1 AE-430: Ejercito d/d 22dec78; w/o 06may79 at San Francisco, Cordoba
5827 uh-1d AE-431: Ejercito d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; ex BuNo 66-16273; 2008 with EscAvExplAtq60+
AE-431: Oct11 pictured (top) with SecAvEj141 at Escuela Aviacion Militar, Cordoba
AE-431: 09mar13 pictured (bot) at EAA Argentina Annual Meeting 2013
US Army Aviation 66-16273: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1994 to Argentina
9822 uh-1h AE-432: Ejercito d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; ex BuNo 67-17624; May99 pictured at Campo +
10305 uh-1h AE-433: Ejercito. ex BuNo 68-15375 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; 2009 conv Huey II as AE-+
10655 uh-1h AE-434: Ejercito d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; ex BuNo 68-15725; 12apr10 pictured at Camp+
10883 uh-1h AE-435: Ejercito. ex BuNo 68-16224 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; w/o 26mar02 at Corriente+
10985 uh-1h AE-436: Ejercito; ex BuNo 68-16326 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; pictured during Ajax 20+
5395 uh-1d AE-437: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-0912 d/d 1998; crash dic00. conv Huey II as AE-461
5394 uh-1d AE-438: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-0911 d/d 1998;
5903 uh-1d AE-439: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-16209 d/d 1998; 2009 conv Huey II as AE-467
9332 uh-1d AE-440: Ejercito d/d 1998, ex 66-17138; 2009 conv Huey II as AE-463
US Army Aviation 66-17138: US Army, conv UH-1H
5556 uh-1d AE-441: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-1073 d/d 1998
5115 uh-1d AE-442: Ejercito. ex BuNo 65-10071 conv UH-1H. d/d 1998; 10dec08 pictured at Campo+
5251 uh-1d AE-443: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-0768 d/d apr99; 2009 conv Huey II as AE-468
5443 uh-1d AE-444: Ejercito d/d 1999; ex BuNo 66-0960; 2011 pictured at Campo de Mayo
US Army Aviation 66-00960: Conv UH-1H. AMARC 1997
9072 uh-1d AE-445: Ejercito d/d 1999, ex 66-16878; May03 pictured at Buenos Aires port assign+
US Army Aviation 66-16878: US Army, conv to UH-1H
9882 uh-1h AE-446: Ejercito, ex BuNo 67-17864 d/d 1999; 2010 pictured (top 2)
AE-446: 09mar14 pictured (bot) at La Matanza
11582 uh-1h AE-447: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15294 d/d 2000; pictured during SINPRODE 2007; conv H+
11601 uh-1h AE-448: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15313 d/d 2000
12353 uh-1h 1970 AE-449: Ejercito. ex BuNo 70-15743 d/d 2000
30108 205A-1 AE-450: Ejercito d/d 1973, ex N2980W; to gov Health Min as LQ-LGT,LV-LGT red paint
Federal Government LV-LGT: Ministerio de Salud (MSAL), Direccion Nacional de Emergencias Sociales; 1989 pictured at Helipuerto ...
Modena Air Service LV-LGT: Apr12 noted stored at Helicenter, Costanera sur, Buenos aires
30767 212 AE-450: Ejercito d/d 1976, VIP
AE-450: 27may12 pictured (top) at Campo de Mayo, notice Hueys flying background
AE-450: 29may13 pictured (bot) at Campo de Mayo during Army day
30769 212 AE-451: Ejercito. w/o 11jan77 in Levingston Island Antarctica during a search and +
12519 uh-1h AE-452: Ejercito. ex BuNo 70-16214 d/d nov00; 2010 conv Huey II as AE-470
12579 uh-1h AE-453: Ejercito d/d nov00; BuNo 70-16274; 2011 pictured at Campo de Mayo
11338 uh-1h AE-454: Ejercito ex BuNo 69-15050 d/d 2001; 28dec09 pictured (top) at Campo de May+
12042 uh-1h AE-455: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15754 d/d 2001; pictured during SINPRODE 2004; conv H+
12128 uh-1h AE-456: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15840 d/d 2001
12191 uh-1h AE-457: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15903 d/d 2001
AE-457: 29may13 pictured at Campo de Mayo
12376 uh-1h AE-458: Ejercito. ex BuNo 70-15766 d/d 2001; pictured during SINPRODE 2003
11299 uh-1h AE-459: Ejercito; d/d Sep.07 in exchange per 205; ex BuNo 69-15011; 28dec09 pictur+
11582 uh-1h AE-460: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 1. ex UH-1H AE-447
5395 uh-1d AE-461: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 2. ex UH-1H AE-437. 2007 deployed to Bolivia
AE-461: Sec Av Ej M 8, Huey 2 type; 04jan15 pictured as Dakar2015 /MIKE3 at Rosari+
12042 uh-1h AE-462: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 3. ex UH-1H AE-455. flag cammo. w/o 12mar07 Neuq+
9332 uh-1d AE-463: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 4, ex AE-440
US Army Aviation 66-17138: US Army, conv UH-1H
10803 uh-1h AE-464: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 5; This was the original Bell Huey II demostrato+
AE-464: 20jun07 pictured (top) at Helipuerto PNA Rosario
AE-464: 29may13 pictured (bot) with new livery at Campo de Mayo during Army day
US Army Aviation 68-16144: US Army
Bell Helicopter N16144: Bell Textron; 2002-2006 Huey II demostrator tour around the world
10305 uh-1h AE-465: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 6. ex UH-1H AE-433; 10dic10 pictured during Army+
13843 uh-1h AE-466: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 7. ex UH-1H AE-421
5903 uh-1d AE-467: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 8. ex UH-1H AE-439; 27may12 pictured at Campo de+
5251 uh-1d AE-468: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 9. ex UH-1H AE-443
11884 uh-1h AE-469: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 10. ex UH-1H AE-403
12519 uh-1h AE-470: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 11. ex UH-1H AE-452
11386 uh-1h AE-471: Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 12. ex UH-1H AE-400. Mar15
12353 uh-1h 1970 AE-473: Ejercito. Huey II. ex UH-1H AE-449
uh-1h AE-480: Army d/d 29jun18
Argentine Gendarmerie GN-932: GNA Campo de Mayo Jan15 in force livery. Huey II type
Argentine Gendarmerie GN-932: 13oct15 pictured (pic2) at La Plata
Argentine Gendarmerie GN-932: 28jul15 pictured (pic1) and video during 77 Anniversary of the Gendarmeria Nacional at Officers Scho...
uh-1h AE-481: Army d/d 29jun18
Argentine Gendarmerie GN-933: GNA; Oct15 noted at Campo de Mayo
12630 uh-1h AE-490: Ejercito. BuNo 70-16325. d/d 2007 in exchange per 205
11531 uh-1h 1969 AE-491: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15243. ex N42338. d/d 2007 in exchange per 205
12203 uh-1h AE-492: Ejercito; d/d 2008 in exchange per 205, ex BuNo 69-15915; 07jul12 pictured+
12221 uh-1h AE-493: Ejercito, ex Navy 3-H-301; 2010 pictured (bot) as AE-493 at Campo de Mayo +
US Army Aviation 69-15933: US Army
Argentine Navy 0873: ARA 3-H-301, ex 69-15933; may00 pictured (top) at Cmdte Espora naval airbase; feb08 3rd Esc desactiv...
US Army Aviation 69-15933: 1978-1980 asg HHC 229th AHB, Ft Campbell, Kentucky. I was crew chief, Sgt H C Seese
12223 uh-1h AE-494: Ejercito; ex Navy 3-H-304
US Army Aviation 69-15935:
Argentine Navy 0875: ARA 3-H-304 d/d dec00; ex 69-15935; feb08 3rd Esc desactivated and stored; aug10 transferred to CoAv...
12516 uh-1h AE-495: Ejercito, ex Navy 3-H-306 from Aug10
US Army Aviation 70-16211: US Army
Argentine Navy 0877: ARA 3-H-306 d/d dec00; ex 70-16211; feb08 3rd Esc desactivated and stored; aug10 transferred to CoAv...
US Army Aviation 70-16211: 1973-1975 I flew this as the CE with the 6th ACCB at Fort Hood, Texas
1539 sa330l AE-500: w/o 23may82 destroyed on ground at Port Howard
1540 sa330l AE-501: w/o 26may82 destroyed on ground at Mount Kent
1544 sa330l AE-502: Ejercito; 1989 pictured at Campo de Mayo; w/o 12nov93 at Olavarria, Bueno+
1550 sa330l AE-503: w/o 23may82 destroyed near Port Horward
1551 sa330l AE-504: Ejercito; 1982 aboard ARA Bahia Paraiso polar transport; w/o 03apr82 shot +
AE-504: Nose inspection cover pictured (bot) currenly preserved at the Army aviati+
1554 sa330l AE-505: 9may82 shot down by SAM Sea Dart HMS Coventry during rescue of fishing boa+
1556 sa330l AE-506: Ejercito; 1982 pictured (pic1) as medevac helicopter on Uganda during Malv+
AE-506: pictured (pic2) preserved at Malvinas Argentinas city
1559 sa330l AE-507: Ejercito; 1995 pictured during Army Day; w/o 08oct96 at Campo de Polo, Pal+
1560 sa330l AE-508: 30may82 shot down near Mount Kent by SAS s SAM Stinger (6 GNA spec ops kil+
b-797 ch-47c 1979 AE-520: CH-47C-309 B-797/CG.101 test serial N31786; Ejercito Argentino d/d 1979; +
AE-520: 18apr82 flew to Malvinas/Falklands; 14jun82 captured; to RNAY Fleetlands a+
Royal Air Force ZH257: ZH257 recovered from Falkland Islands 1982. to 9217M at DARA Fleetlands.
Royal Air Force ZH257: 16Sep93 noted RNAY Fleetlands stored; reported in use as Instructional airframe at RAF Odiham
b-798 ch-47c 1979 AE-521: CH-47C-309 B-798/CG.102, test serial N31787; Ejercito Argentino d/d 1979; +
AE-521: 21may82 pictured (pic1) soon after attack
AE-521: 12nov12 pictured (pic2) debris
2070 as332b 1983 AE-525: Ejercito 70 "Teniente Primero Garcia", test serial F-WKQC
2072 as332b 1983 AE-526: Ejercito 72 "Teniente Merani"; 05oct86 pictured (pic1) at Campo de Mayo wi+
AE-526: As of sep09 for overhaul at Heli Union at Toussus Le Noble
AE-526: 23apr12 arrived at Buenos Aires port after 3 years in France Heli-Union; a+
AE-526: 01may14 pictured (pic3) at Buenos Aires
AE-526: Aug16 video at Uspallata, Mendoza during Ejercicio Bicentenario ( Bicenten+
2088 as332b 1983 AE-527: Ejercito 88 "Sargento Segura" d/d sep86; out of service by 2005
94 C/N found in this Organisation.

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