pakistan 222 squadron

pakistan naval air arm

Pakistan Navy

1994 to present    

Formed in Sep 1994 at PNS Mehran, to operate the newly delivered Pakistan Naval Air Arm Lynx.

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1994/    PNS Mehran / Sharea FaisalOPSF


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Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
001 has.2 1976 21: Pakistan Navy; has.3 type, ex XZ227, d/d Sep94; 2009 put on sale
Royal Navy XZ227: Mar93 type:HAS.3 815Sqn./EX-420 embarked HMS Exeter (D89).
Royal Navy XZ227: RN; Pre-Production standard; First Flight 10Feb76; Westlands (Trails Aircraft) 18Mar76; A & AEE 11Au...
Royal Navy XZ227: NASU Yeovilton between 29Nov85 and 03Mar86
Royal Navy XZ227: 815Squadron coded 303-PO 03Mar86;
Royal Navy XZ227: GM Conversion (No 2) with 815Squadron;
Royal Navy XZ227: 815Squadron, HMS York Flight 17Jul86; 815Squadron HMS Andromeda; Aircraft Maintenance Group (AMG)Por...
Royal Navy XZ227: 18Jul90, 815Squadron, HMS London
Royal Navy XZ227: 27Mar91 AMG Portland; 25Jul91 815Squadron HMS Birmingham Flight Coded 333-BM; 21Oct91 815Squadron, H...
Royal Navy XZ227: 815Squadron HMS Chatham Flight 03Feb93; 815Squadron HMS Exeter Flight, coded 420-EX 04Mar93; 815Squa...
Royal Navy XZ227: RNAY Fleetlands HAS.3 Conversion, (de-conversion) coded 377.- 20Sept93;
Royal Navy XZ227: 702 Squadron Ground Instruction Use coded 377.- 24Mar94; RNAY Fleetlands Stored - Sales A/c coded 37...
Royal Navy XZ227: Jul86 as York flight /407
049 has.2 1977 22: conv has.3 type; ex XZ240; d/d Pakistan Sep94
Royal Navy XZ240: RN; 1985 type:HAS.3 NASU; 1992 type:HAS.3 829Sqn./363
Royal Navy XZ240: RN Lynx HAS.2 noted at HMS Heron RNAS Yeovilton EGDY nov78 with 702NAS coded 744
Royal Navy XZ240: 815 Sq Glamorgan Flt / 400-GL by Mar 1983, until c May 1984. Took part in peacekeeping operations o...
006 has.2 1976 23: conv has.3 type ex XZ231 d/d Pakistan Jun95
Royal Navy XZ231: RN d/d 30nov76; conv has3 type unk
Royal Navy XZ231: Nov78 as 702Sqn /742 at Yeovilton
Royal Navy XZ231: 05jun94 as 815Sqn /303 Flypast Portsmouth harbour
Royal Navy XZ231: 1976-1978 as IFTU 700L /742. Used by Redifon engineers as model for the Lynx Simulator
Royal Navy XZ231: Conversion to HAS.3 at NASU Yeovilton, until c Mar 1987
Royal Navy XZ231: 702 Sq/645-PO by Aug 1982
Royal Navy XZ231: 829 Sq HQ Flt/604 by May 1989; 815 Sq HQ Flt/307 by Apr 1993; 815 Sq Brilliant Flt/342-BT by May 199...
Royal Navy XZ231: First at sea deck landing by Lynx in service, with HMS Birmingham, off UK south coast during Feb 197...
3 C/N found in this Organisation.

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