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28 squadron
Formed on 7 Nov 1915, has operated largely as an Army Co-operation unit. Spent much of its life in the Middle and Far East, it commenced helicopter operations in Mar 1968 with the Whirlwind HAR.10. In 1972, the unit converted to the Wessex HC.2 and moved to Sek Kong (VHSK) until its closure in Jan 1997 and then at Kai Tak (VHKT) to Jun 1997 when it disbanded. The unit was officially reformed at RAF Benson (EGUB) on 17 Jul 2001 with the Merlin HC.3, although it had received its first airframe on 7 Mar 2001. 28(AC) Squadron is committed to Joint Helicopter Command.
A flight of 28(AC) Squadron was detached to form 1419 (Tactical Support) Flight in 2005 and sent to southern Iraq.
Merlins from 28(AC) Squadron were sent to Afghanistan in Nov 2009 and the last operational flight was on 31 May 2013.
On July 2015, handed over the Merlin to the Royal Navy Commando Helicopter Force and re-roled as 28 (Reserve) Squadron as an OCU unit training Chinook Mk4/6 and Puma Mk2 helicopters crews
On 27 Oct 2015, the Chinook Operational Conversion Flight from RAF Odiham re-located to RAF Benson, joining the Puma Operational Conversion Flight, as part of 28 Squadron.

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Puma and Chinook Operational Conversion Unit

News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Chinooks Arrive At RAF Benson, 23-Oct-15 : Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters and around 150 personnel moved to RAF Benson as the Chinook Mk4/6 Operational Conversion Flight joined their Puma HC.2 colleagues.


2009/13AF Camp BastionOAZI
2001/nowRAF BensonEGUB
1997HK Kai TakVHKT
1978/96HK Sek KongVHSK
1968/78HK Kai TakVHKT
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2015/nowPuma Mk2
2015/now414 - H-47D Chinook
2015/nowCH-47F Chinook
2001/15Merlin HC.3
1972/97Wessex HC.2

Construction Numbers for 28Sq Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa 95 har.2 1955 XJ724 : 228Sq by Sep 1963
wa125 hc.2 1963 XR500 : Flew her 28Sqn at Kai Tak 2nd and 4th April 1974. I was with 38Grp STANU, +
wa144 hc.2 1964 XR522 : ff 22 Apr 1964, dd 1 May 1964 . 78 Sq/O by 1965, HOCF/BW by Sep 1970, 84 S+
Uruguayan Air Force 071 : FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XR522; Gate Guardian Grupo 1 FAU at Carrasco air bas+
50099 hc.3 2000 ZJ121 : RAF; 2007 28Sqn./E
Royal Navy ZJ121 : RN 846Sqn; 19jul15 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2015
: 08jan16 846Sqn./E at Nantes direction South
: 08jan16 846Sqn./E at Bordeaux direction Spain
: HC.3i type; 10jan16 visit to Gibraltar, with ZJ129.
: 846 NAS/E deployed to Gibraltar Aug 2016
50129 hc.3 2000 ZJ123 : RAF Merlin HC.3 28Sqn/G; Jun09 pictured at Kemble Air Show, Kemble Airport+
50133 hc.3 2000 ZJ124 : RAF HC.3 /H; 17jul11 pictured with 28Sqd at RAF Fairford RIAT airshow
50149 hc.3 2001 ZJ127 : RAF 50149/RAF11 in 2003 /L 28Sqn.
AgustaWestland UK ZJ127 : conv to fully marinised HC.4
Royal Navy ZJ127 : 08jul17 /L pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2017
50153 hc.3 2001 ZJ128 : 50153/RAF12; 2003 /M 28Sqn; 19aug06 pictured at Shoreham Airport, England
Royal Navy ZJ128 : 845 NAS / M. Deployed to Caribbean for huuricane relief.
50167 hc.3 2001 ZJ129 : RN; 01may05 pictured as 28Sqn /N at Abingdon
: 2007 28Sqn./N
Royal Navy ZJ129 : 08jan16 846Sqn./N at Nantes direction South
: 08jan16 846Sqn./N at Bordeaux direction Spain
: HC.3I type; 10jan16 visit to Gibraltar with ZJ121.
50169 hc.3 2001 ZJ130 : RAF; 2007 28Sqn./O
Royal Navy ZJ130 : 02jul16 pictured (pic2) as 846Sq /O at RNAS Yeovilton during Air Day 2016
50173 hc.3 2001 ZJ131 : RAF Merlin HC.3 28Sqn./P; 11may07 pictured at Elwood HLS (Heliport) Barra+
Royal Navy ZJ131 : final Merlin delivered from RAF Benson to 845 NAS at Yeovilton. ZJ131/P on+
50181 hc.3 2001 ZJ133 : RAF 50181/RAF17 in 2009 28Sqn.
50195 hc.3 2002 ZJ137 : RAF 50195/RAF21.; 2003 28Sqn./W
Royal Navy ZJ137 : Jan16 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
: 02jul16 pictured as 846 NAS /W at RNAS Yeovilton during Air Day 2016
50160 mk512 2005 ZK001 : 23jan15 type HC.3A 28sqn./AF at Shawbury
Royal Danish Air Force M-511 : 50160/DEN11 return to UK as ZK001
14 serials found for 28Sq


apr-03apr-04BA SFOR (stabilisation force)
jul-48may-49MY Operation Firedog

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