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1914 to present    

7 squadron
Originally formed on 1 May 1914 and saw bombing service in World War I and II. Formed and disbanded several times since, relinquishing its target-towing Canberra TT.18s at RAF St.Mawgan before it reformed as a rotary wing unit in Sep 1982 at RAF Odiham, operating the Chinook. It converted to the Chinook HC.2 between 1993 and 1994. 7 Squadron is committed to the UKs Joint Helicopter Command and has a specific role in the support of specialist units, from Apr 2001 as part of JSFAW, with 657 Sq AAC and 8 Flt AAC.
Deployed 8x CH-47 to Jordan during Operation Telic.

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

160th SOAR Trains with British Royal Air Force, 13-Jul-15 : US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR) and the British Royal Air Force (RAF) 7th Squadron Chinook HC.6 conducted a bilateral training at Joint Base Lewis-McChord


2003JO Al AzraqOJ40
2002/??AF BagramOAIX
1991SA King Khaled Air BaseOERY
1990/91SA Ras-al-Ghar
1982/nowRAF OdihamEGVO
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2014/nowCH-47F Chinook
1993/now414 - H-47D Chinook
1982/94CH-47C Chinook

Construction Numbers for . / 7Sq / 7 Sq Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1086 sa330e XW206 : 1987 33Sqn./CC; 1995 27Sqn./NG
1195 sa330e 1972 XW231 : 1995 27Sqn
b-812 ch-47c 1980 ZA670 : RAF Chinook HC1; apr82 18Sqn /BS; aug82 18Sqn /BS; 1983 7Sqn /EY; 1993 18S+
Boeing Helicopters N37010 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA670
M.7032 ch-47d 1980 ZA670 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-812; 1995 18Sqn./BF; 2007 18/2+
: Jul09 18-27sqd/AA pictured at Odiham
M.7007 ch-47d 1980 ZA671 : while operating from NAF El Centro, heavily damaged in a practice landing +
b-819 ch-47c 1980 ZA672 : RAF Chinook HC.1, MA003; 1982 240 OCU /FF; 1983 7Sqn /EX; 1987 18Sqn /BH
Boeing Helicopters N37015 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA672
M.7004 ch-47d ZA674 : 25jan97 7Sqn./EF visit Newcastle
: 1999 7Sqn./EF
M.7009 ch-47d ZA675 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-822; 2008 /AE 7Sqn.
: jul12 7Sqn./AE
b-823 ch-47c ZA676 : RAF Chinook HC1; 1983 as 7Sqn /EU; 1996 dump at Manston; to 9230M
Boeing Helicopters N37021 : Boeing Vertol 1980, to ZA676
b-824 ch-47c ZA677 : RAF Chinook HC1; 1991 pictured with 7 Sqn at RAF Leuchars with sand/black+
Boeing Helicopters N37022 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA677
M.7012 ch-47d ZA677 : 1998 7 Sqn /EG
: 22mar98 7Sqn./EG visit Schiphol Amsterdam
: 2004 still HC.2 type 7 Sqn; 03may09 pictured at Abingdon Country Fair
b-827 ch-47c 1980 ZA679 : RAF Chinook HC1 in 1983 /EV 7Sqn. ; cnvt. to Chinook HC2 M.7014
Boeing Helicopters N37025 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA679
M.7024 ch-47d ZA680 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-828; 1999 /NX 27Sqn.
b-830 ch-47c ZA681 : RAF Chinook HC.1; 1985 7Sqn./ES
Boeing Helicopters N37027 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA681
M.7002 ch-47d 1993 ZA681 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-830; 1999 7Sqn /ED; 2001 7Sqn +
b-831 ch-47c ZA682 : RAF Chinook HC1; 22nov92 pictured as HC.1 type /EM 7sqd visiting local ATC+
Boeing Helicopters N37029 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA682
b-832 ch-47c ZA683 : RAF Chinook HC1; 1983 7Sqn./EW; 1992 7Sqn./EW; cnvt to Chinook HC2 M.7031
Boeing Helicopters N37030 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA683
M.7031 ch-47d ZA683 : 06oct16 pictured at RAF Northolt during Nightshoot XXI in 27 Sq anniversar+
b-834 ch-47c ZA704 : crashed 4nm S of Seeb, Oman during a training exercise with 7Sq/EJ on 25 N+
Boeing Helicopters N37033 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA704
M.7006 ch-47d ZA704 : 22mar98 7Sqn./EJ visit
: 2007 7Sqn./AM; 2008 1310 Flt./AM
: 7Sq /AM, noted visiting RNAS Culdrose on 20 Jul 2009
b-835 ch-47c 1981 ZA705 : RAF Chinook HC1; Apr82 18Sqn./BU; 1983 7Sqn./EZ; c/n MA017, Boeing test s+
Boeing Helicopters N37035 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA705
M.7030 ch-47d ZA705 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-835; 2001 27Sqn./BE
M.7025 ch-47d ZA707 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-837; 1997 7Sqn./EV
: jul12 18/27Sqn./AO
M.7018 ch-47d ZA708 : Arrived in theatre 21 May 2010. Damaged prior to emergency landing on 10 A+
M.7028 ch-47d 1994 ZA709 : 7Sq /EQ by Mar 1997, still Jan 1999; 18Sq /EQ by May 2000; 27Sq by 2004; 7+
Boeing Helicopters M.7028 : conv to HC.2 at Philadelphia 1994-95
b-841 ch-47c 1981 ZA710 : RAF Chinook HC1; 1984 7Sqn /EL; cnvt. to Chinook HC2 M.7003
Boeing Helicopters N37044 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA710
M.7003 ch-47d ZA710 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-841 ; 2000 /NC 27Sqn.
b-842 ch-47c ZA711 : RAF Chinook HC1; Apr82 18Sqn./BR; 1983 7Sqn./ET; 1993 18Sqn./BT; cnvt. to +
Boeing Helicopters N37046 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA711
M.7026 ch-47d ZA711 : 22mar98 7Sqn./ET visit
b-843 ch-47c ZA712 : 1995 7Sqn./ER
Boeing Helicopters N37047 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA712
M.7016 ch-47d ZA712 : 2011 18/27Sqn./AT
b-844 ch-47c 1981 ZA713 : RAF Chinook HC1; Ex N37048, d/d 30dec81 Fleetlands by Mar82; May82 /BJ +
Boeing Helicopters N37048 : Boeing-Vertol toward ZA713
M.7013 ch-47d 1981 ZA713 : RAF Chinook HC2; 25jan97 7Sqn./EM visit Newcastle
: jul12 18/27Sqn.
b-845 ch-47c ZA714 : RAF Chinook HC1; 15jun90 7Sqn./EX; cnvt. to Chinook HC2 M.7005
Boeing Helicopters N37051 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA714
M.7005 ch-47d ZA714 : 2008 1310Flt./AV; 2011 18/27Sqn./AV
b-848 ch-47c 1982 ZA717 : Fleetlands by Mar 1982, 18 Sq/BK May 1982, Chin Det until Mar 1983, 1310 F+
Boeing Helicopters N37056 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA717
M.7001 ch-47d 1993 ZA718 : jul12 18/27Sqn./BN
: 17aug13 type:HC.4 18/27Sqn. 100 years celebration Marineflieger
M.7020 ch-47d ZA720 : RAF; 2004 type:Chinook HC2 7Sqn.
1914 ht.3 1982 ZB627 : ; 25jul91 pictured (pic1) with 7 squadron in green cammo at RAF Odiham dur+
London Helicopter Centres G-CBSK : London Helicopter Centres Ltd Jun/Dec 2002
- G-CBSK : Knoland Aviation Dec02/Nov06
: Falcon Flying Group from Nov06, RAF livery
: 27feb09 pictured (pic3) at Thruxton
: 11jul14 picture at RIAT 2014 with G-ZZLE
: 21feb16 as /ZB627 in red/white livery seen at Cotswold Airport (Kemble, Gl+
: Attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop, painted as ZB627 /A.
M.7010 ch-47d 1994 ZD576 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-868; 7sqn w/o 02jun94
M.7027 ch-47d ZD980 : 5feb97 7Sqn./EA visit Schiphol
: 1997 7Sqn./EA
M.7029 ch-47d ZD981 : 24+25jul99 27Sqn./NV Fairford air show
M.7019 ch-47d ZD982 : 1995 7Sqn./EK; 1996 7Sqn./EK
M.7022 ch-47d ZD983 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-875 ; 2008 /DG 7Sqn.
M.7015 ch-47d ZD984 : RAF Chinook HC2 cnvt. from ex Chinook HC1 b-876 ; 2008 /HA 7Sqn.
: jul12 18/27Sqn.
Vector Aerospace ZD984 : jul11 at Vector Aerospace Fleetland for conversion HC.4
M.4452 ch-47d ZH776 : RAF Chinook HC2; 1996 7Sqn./EF; 1997 27Sqn./NU; 1998 27Sqn./NU; 2011 7Sqn.
: 7Sq /HC, noted visiting RNAS Culdrose on 21 Jul 2009
Boeing Helicopters N7424L : Boeing toward ZH776
M.4453 ch-47d ZH777 : jul12 18/27Sqn.
Boeing Helicopters N7424M : Boeing toward ZH777
M.4459 ch-47d ZH896 : jul12 18/27Sqn./HK type:HC.2A
Boeing Helicopters N2038G : Boeing toward ZH896
M.4480 mh-47e ZH901 : jul12 18/27Sqn.
: with 27 Squadron, first to deploy on 1 May, to offer aid after the Nepal e+
Boeing Helicopters N2060M : Boeing toward ZH901
M.4483 mh-47e ZH904 : jul12 18/27Sqn.
Boeing Helicopters N2083K : Boeing toward ZH904
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08-feb-0328-feb-03IQ Operation Telic
may-00jun-00SL Operation Palliser
21-mar-9220-dec-95BA UNPROFOR
nov-90mar-91IQ Operation Desert Shield/Storm
jan-54oct-54MY Operation Firedog

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