FR navigation radar DECCA 1226

Naval Radar



I bandfrequency

  Used by

1958BR Sirius (survey) class support ship AO 1
1965FR Ouragan class landing ship/platform dock L 2
1971FR D Entrecasteaux class support ship AO 2
1974FR Batral class landing ship/platform dock L 1
1974FR F67 Tourville class destroyer DD 2
1976FR d'Estienne d'Orves class corvette FS 1
1978AR Drummond class corvette FS 1
1979FR F70 ASW class destroyer DD 2
1982AR Mantilla class coast guards W 1
1983AR MEKO 360H2 class destroyer DD 1
1983IN Vikram class coast guards W 2
1985AR MEKO 140A16 class corvette FS 1
1987TH Normed class landing ship/platform dock L 1
1988FR Bougainville class landing ship/platform dock L 2
1991NL Karel Doorman class frigate FF 1

  In Service

BR Brazilian Navy
FR French Navy
CL Chilean Navy
AR Argentine Navy
AR Argentine Coast Guard
IN Indian Coast Guard
TH Royal Thai Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
BE Belgian Navy

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