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        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    NL Kortenaer class 1978
                            GR Elli class 1981
                            NL FFG Jacob van Heemskerck class 1985
                            NL Karel Doorman class 1991
                            AE Abu Dhabi class 2000
    DE F 122 Bremen class 1982

    List of Ships

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    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF807Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. KortenaerPADA - KN19781997
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F462 HS Kountouriotis 1998--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF808Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. CallenburghPADB - CB19791994
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F459 HS Adrias 1994--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF812Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Pieter Florisz19791979
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F450 HS Elli 1981--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF813Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Witte de WithWW19791979
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F451 HS Limnos 1982--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF809Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Van KinsbergenPADC - KP19801995
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F461 HS Navarinon 1995--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF810Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. BanckertPADD - BK19801993
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F460 HS Aegaeon 1993--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF811Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Piet HeinPAVM - PH19811998
    Abu Dhabi class AE United Arab Emirates Navy F02 Al Emirat 19982008
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF823Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Philips van AlmondePADF - PA19812002
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F465 HS Themistocles 2002--
    DEGerman Navy F207F 122 Bremen class BremenDRAQ1982--
    DEGerman Navy F208F 122 Bremen class NiedersachsenDRAR - ND1982--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF824Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Bloys van TreslongPADG - BT19822003
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F466 HS Nikiforos Fokas 2003--
    DEGerman Navy F209F 122 Bremen class Rheinland-PfalzDRAS - RP1983--
    DEGerman Navy F210F 122 Bremen class EmdenDRAT1983--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF816Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Abraham CrijnssenPAVX - AC19831997
    Abu Dhabi class AE United Arab Emirates Navy F01 Abu Dhabi 19972008
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF825Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Jan van BrakelPADH - JB19832001
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F464 HS Kanaris 2001--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF826Kortenaer class Hr.Ms. Pieter FloriszPADI - PF19832001
    Elli class GR Hellenic Navy F463 HS Bouboulina 2001--
    DEGerman Navy F211F 122 Bremen class KölnDRAU - KO1984--
    DEGerman Navy F212F 122 Bremen class KarlsruheDRAV1984--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF812Jacob van Heemskerck class Hr.Ms. Jacob van HeemskerckPAVO - JH19862004
    CL Chilean Navy FFG-14 Almirante Latorre 2005--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF813Jacob van Heemskerck class Hr.Ms. Witte de WithPAVP - WW19862006
    CL Chilean Navy FFG-11 Capitan Prat 2006--
    DEGerman Navy F213F 122 Bremen class AugsburgDRAN1989--
    DEGerman Navy F214F 122 Bremen class LübeckDRAO - LU1990--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF827Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Karel DoormanPAMA - KD19912006
    BE Belgian Navy F930 Leopold I 2007--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF829Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Willem van der ZaanPAMC - WZ19912006
    BE Belgian Navy F931 Louise-Marie 2008--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF830Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Tjerk HiddesPAMD - TH19932006
    CL Chilean Navy FF-18 Almirante Riveros 2007--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF831Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Van AmstelPAME - VA1993--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF832Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Abraham van der HulstPAMF19932004
    CL Chilean Navy FF-15 Blanco Encalada 2005--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF833Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Van NesPAMI - VN19942007
    PT Portuguese Navy F333 NRP Bartolomeu Dias 2009--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF834Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Van GalenPAMG - VG19942009
    PT Portuguese Navy F334 NRP Francisco de Almeida 2009--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF828Karel Doorman class Hr.Ms. Van SpeijkPAMB1995--

    30 units


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