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  • 2002    

    Guided-Missile Destroyer F100 Alvaro de Bazan

    The F100 multirole class frigates are highly capable air defense ships equipped with the american Aegis combat system

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    NO Fridtjof Nansen class 2006
    AU Hobart class 2017


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    6250full load (tn)
    147length (m)
    18.60beam (m)
    4.70draught (m)
    29max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODAG
    2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
    1Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS
    1Naval Gun Mark 45 5/54 inch (127mm)
    2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm
    1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPY-1 AEGIS


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        Typical Max
    ES Spanish Navy Sikorsky S-70 H-60 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol5

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    ESSpanish NavyF-101Alvaro de BazanEBDA2002--
    ESSpanish NavyF-102Almirante Juan de BorbonEBDB2003--
    ESSpanish NavyF-103Blas de LezoEBDC2004--
    ESSpanish NavyF-104Mendez NuñezEBDD - H2006--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF310Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Fridtjof NansenLABN2006--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF311Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Roald AmundsenLABA2007--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF312Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Otto SverdrupLABS2008--
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF313Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Helge InstadLABI20092019
    NORoyal Norwegian NavyF314Fridtjof Nansen class KNM Thor HeyerdahlLABH2010--
    ESSpanish NavyF-105Cristobal Colon2012--
    AURANDDGH 39Hobart class HMAS Hobart2017--
    AURANDDGH 41Hobart class HMAS Brisbane2018--
    AURANDDGH 42Hobart class HMAS Sydney2020--

    13 units


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    1997-jan-31OrderedES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan
    1997-jan-31OrderedES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon
    1997-jan-31OrderedES F-103 Blas de Lezo
    1997-jan-31OrderedES F-104 Mendez Nuñez
    2000-oct-31LaunchedES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan
    2002-feb-28LaunchedES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon
    2002-sep-19CommissionedES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan
    2003-may-16LaunchedES F-103 Blas de Lezo
    2003-may-16Laid downES F-104 Mendez Nuñez
    2003-dec-3CommissionedES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon
    2004-nov-12LaunchedES F-104 Mendez Nuñez
    2004-dec-16CommissionedES F-103 Blas de Lezo
    2005-may-20OrderedES F-105 Cristobal Colon
    2006-mar-21CommissionedES F-104 Mendez Nuñez
    2007-jun-29Laid downES F-105 Cristobal Colon
    2008-oct-4DeploymentES F-103 Blas de Lezo Exercise Joint Warrior 08-2 participated in bi-annual multi-national exercise off Scottish coast, until 17 Oct
    2010-novLaunchedES F-105 Cristobal Colon predicted
    2011-sep-29DeploymentES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan Operation Unified Protector for Nato mission in Lybia
    2012-mar-10DeploymentES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan SNMG1 operation Active Endeavour
    2012-decDeploymentES F-104 Mendez Nuñez Combined Task Force 150 Deployed on Operation Atalanta until Apr 2013
    2013-oct-4DeploymentES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan SNMG2 Relieving sisterclass ship Blas de Lezo like Flagship
    2014-sep-12Port VisitES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon SNMG2 visited Constanța as part of NATO SNMG2, for 4 days.
    2014-sep-20Port VisitES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon SNMG2 visited Varna as part of NATO SNMG2, for 3 days.
    2015-apr-11DeploymentES F-104 Mendez Nuñez Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
    2015-apr-24Port VisitES F-104 Mendez Nuñez visited South Dock in West India Docks. SH-60B (HS.23-09) 01-1009/09 embarked, marked with Joint Warrior badge on nose. Departed 27 Apr.
    2015-apr-27DeploymentES F-103 Blas de Lezo departed Ferrol NB to participate in NATO Exercise Dynamic Mongoose 15, off Norway. Return 19 May.
    2015-octDeploymentES F-103 Blas de Lezo Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 participated in multi-national NATO Maritime Command exercise, until Nov 2015
    2015-octDeploymentES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 participated in multi-national NATO Maritime Command exercise, until Nov 2015
    2015-oct-3DeploymentES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon Exercise Joint Warrior 15-2 participated in JW 15-2 off north west coast of Scotland
    2016-feb-5Port VisitES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan Vlothaven embarked SH-60 HS.23-10
    2016-mar-3ES F-101 Alvaro de Bazan Cold Response 2016 Part of SNMG1, to Norway for Cold Response 16
    2016-aug-5Port VisitES F-104 Mendez Nuñez weekend visit to Liverpool as part of NATO fleet with embarked SH-60, in company with Portuguese NRP Alvares Cabral.
    2016-aug-27AircraftES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon 27aug16 with Seahawk 03 on air operation qualifications in the Gulf of Cádiz
    2016-sep-28DeploymentES F-104 Mendez Nuñez SNMG1 relieved as flagship of NATO SNMG1 by SPS Almirante Juan de Borbon on 28 Sep.
    2016-sep-28DeploymentES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon SNMG1 relieved SPS Mendez Nuñez as flagship of NATO SNMG1.
    2016-oct-9DeploymentES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon Exercise Joint Warrior 16-2 Participated in Ex JW16-2, as flagship of NATO SNMG1
    2016-nov-14ES F-103 Blas de Lezo GRUFLEX 61 GRUFLEX 61 amphibious exercise Balearic Islands
    2019-feb-26DeploymentES F-103 Blas de Lezo Dynamic Manta 2019
    2019-marDeploymentES F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon Exercise Joint Warrior 19-1 Mar 2019, part of NATO SNMG1, participated in JW19-1
    2019-jun-9DeploymentES F-105 Cristobal Colon BALTOPS 19 Finished BALTOPS 19 participation with debrief in Kiel.
    2020-feb-24DeploymentES F-105 Cristobal Colon Dynamic Manta 2020 Ionian Sea
    2021-may-15ES F-105 Cristobal Colon Formidable Shield 2021 Operation Flagship

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