US Sacramento class

Support Ship


Support Ship Sacramento class

The fast combat support ships (AOE) Sacramento class combine the capabilities of a fleet oiler (AO), ammunition ship (AE) and refrigerated stores ship (AF) in a single unit that perform the functions of three vessels while simultaneously integrating into a carrier battlegroup.
An unnamed AOE-5 was cancelled in 1968 and a new class ( Wichita ) introduced. The last one of the four Sacramento built was retired in 2005 and replaced by the Supply class

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1969 US Wichita class
1994 US Supply class


19200light (tn)
53000full load (tn)
242.30length (m)
32.60beam (m)
11.90draught (m)
26max speed (knots)
100000power (shp)

4Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines

1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow

1Naval Gun Mark 38 25 mm
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
1Chaff and decoys Mark 36 SRBOC

1Aids TACAN URN-20
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPS-58
1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-10

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
US US Navy B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 13


US New York Shipbuilding - 1
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island3

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19642004USUS NavyAOE-1USS SacramentoNMDF
19672005USUS NavyAOE-2USS CamdenNJSO
19691993USUS NavyAOR-1Wichita class USS WichitaNHPV
19691994USUS NavyAOR-2Wichita class USS MilwaukeeNLDL
19692005USUS NavyAOE-3USS Seattle NABN
19701994USUS NavyAOR-3Wichita class USS Kansas CityNZCM
19701995USUS NavyAOR-4Wichita class USS SavannahNFUF
19702005USUS NavyAOE-4USS Detroit NDWQ
19711994USUS NavyAOR-5Wichita class USS WabashNNIK
19731996USUS NavyAOR-6Wichita class USS Kalamazoo NKZO
19761995USUS NavyAOR-7Wichita class USS Roanoke NAMU - 7
19942001USUS NavyAOE-6Supply class USS SupplyNACO
2001-- T-AOE-6 USNS Supply
19952003USUS NavyAOE-7Supply class USS RainierNAOE
2003-- T-AOE-7 USNS Rainier
19952002USUS NavyAOE-8Supply class USS ArcticNCLS
2002-- T-AOE-8 USNS Arctic
19982004USUS NavyAOE-10Supply class USS Bridge NGMV
2004-- T-AOE-10 USNS Bridge

15 units


1961-jun-30Laid downLaid down US AOE-1 USS Sacramento
1963-sep-14LaunchedLaunched US AOE-1 USS Sacramento
1964-feb-17Laid downLaid down US AOE-2 USS Camden
1964-mar-14CommissionedCommissioned US AOE-1 USS Sacramento
1965-may-29LaunchedLaunched US AOE-2 USS Camden
1965-oct-01Laid downLaid down US AOE-3 USS Seattle
1966-nov-29Laid downLaid down US AOE-4 USS Detroit
1967-apr-01CommissionedCommissioned US AOE-2 USS Camden
1968 US AOE-1 USS Sacramento I was detached to the Sacramento while in HC-3, we were on our way to Viet Nam when we were, detoured to the coast of Korea along with the Enterprise. Thats right Korea, remember the Pueblo, we didn t stay long and did go to Vietnam, where we were exposed to AO, gave me Parkinsons, yuk, I flew in the h-46s and made it to various ships just off the coast, delivering supplies via vert reps. Hello to any who served with me, if alive, as we are old men now!! FRED NIELSEN ADR2
1968-mar-01LaunchedLaunched US AOE-3 USS Seattle
1969-apr-05CommissionedCommissioned US AOE-3 USS Seattle
1969-jun-21LaunchedLaunched US AOE-4 USS Detroit
1970-mar-14CommissionedCommissioned US AOE-4 USS Detroit
1990-aug-24 US AOE-4 USS Detroit Operation Desert Shield/Storm 24Aug90 - 21Sep90
1990-sep-14 US AOE-3 USS Seattle Operation Desert Shield/Storm 14Sep90 - 11Mar91
1990-nov-07 US AOE-4 USS Detroit Operation Desert Shield/Storm 7Nov90 - 16Dec90
1991-jan-06 US AOE-4 USS Detroit Operation Desert Shield/Storm 6Jan91 - 6Mar91
1991-aug-15DeploymentDeployment US AOE-2 USS Camden near Wake Island, accident UH-46 150968
1999-oct-09DeploymentDeployment US AOE-2 USS Camden San Francisco Fleet Week 1999 Present for Fleet Week 1999.
2001-oct-19AircraftAircraft US AOE-1 USS Sacramento UH-46D 153406 HC-11 /VR-65
2004-oct-01DecommissionedDecommissioned US AOE-1 USS Sacramento
2004-oct-01StruckStruck US AOE-1 USS Sacramento
2005-feb-17DecommissionedDecommissioned US AOE-4 USS Detroit
2005-mar-15DecommissionedDecommissioned US AOE-3 USS Seattle
2005-mar-15StruckStruck US AOE-3 USS Seattle
2005-octFate: scrappedFate: scrapped US AOE-4 USS Detroit at Brownsville, Texas
2005-oct-14DecommissionedDecommissioned US AOE-2 USS Camden
2007-apr-13Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US AOE-1 USS Sacramento at Brownsville, Texas
2008-may-13Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US AOE-2 USS Camden at Brownsville, Texas

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