US Mars class

Support Ship


Support Ship Mars class

The combat stores ships Mars class of auxiliary vessels were designed for underway replenishment carrying stores and munitions in support of aircraft carrier battlegroups.

Specifications Login to Edit

9200light (tn)
18000full load (tn)
177length (m)
24beam (m)
8.50draught (m)
21max speed (knots)
3Naval Engine boilers
1Naval Engine steam turbines
1Chaff and decoys Mark 36 SRBOC
1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-10

Aircraft Login to Edit

    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 12
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky s-70 H-60 22
US United States Naval Aviation SNIA sa330 puma 10

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Shipyards Login to Edit

US NASSCO San Diego - 7

Ships on Database Login to Edit

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USUS NavyAFS-1USS Mars19631998
USUS NavyAFS-2USS Sylvania19641994
USUS NavyAFS-3USS Niagara Falls19671994
T-AFS-3 USNS Niagara Falls 19942008
USUS NavyAFS-4USS White Plains19681995
USUS NavyAFS-5USS Concord19681992
T-AFS-5 USNS Concord 19922009
USUS NavyAFS-6USS San Diego19691993
T-AFS-6 USNS San Diego 19931997
USUS NavyAFS-7USS San Jose19701993
T-AFS-7 USNS San Jose 19932010

7 units

Events Login to Edit

1962-may-5Laid downUS AFS-1 USS Mars
1962-aug-18Laid downUS AFS-2 USS Sylvania
1963-jun-15LaunchedUS AFS-1 USS Mars
1963-aug-15LaunchedUS AFS-2 USS Sylvania
1963-dec-1CommissionedUS AFS-1 USS Mars
1964-jul-11CommissionedUS AFS-2 USS Sylvania
1965-marAircraftUS AFS-1 USS Mars UH-46A 150965
1965-may-22Laid downUS AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls
1965-sepUS AFS-1 USS Mars with HC-1 Det Atsugi, Japan
1965-oct-2Laid downUS AFS-4 USS White Plains
1966-mar-26LaunchedUS AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls
1966-mar-26Laid downUS AFS-5 USS Concord
1966-jul-26LaunchedUS AFS-4 USS White Plains
1966-sep-23US AFS-1 USS Mars Shellback Initiation on Helo flight deck
1966-dec-17LaunchedUS AFS-5 USS Concord
1967-mar-11Laid downUS AFS-6 USS San Diego
1967-apr-29CommissionedUS AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls
1968-apr-13LaunchedUS AFS-6 USS San Diego
1968-nov-23CommissionedUS AFS-4 USS White Plains
1968-nov-27CommissionedUS AFS-5 USS Concord
1969DeploymentUS AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls WestPac, with UH-46 151904 during replenishing of USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)
1969-mar-8Laid downUS AFS-7 USS San Jose
1969-apr-8DeploymentUS AFS-1 USS Mars lost UH-46 152494
1969-may-24CommissionedUS AFS-6 USS San Diego
1969-dec-13LaunchedUS AFS-7 USS San Jose
1970-oct-23CommissionedUS AFS-7 USS San Jose
1976-dec-17US AFS-6 USS San Diego HC-6 Det2 CH-46D Buno 153337 crashed at sea during night VertRep mission.
1977-oct-11US AFS-7 USS San Jose UNREP with USS New Orleans (LPH-11)
1984US AFS-4 USS White Plains lost H-46 helo in Indian ocean while attempting vertrep
1990-dec-4US AFS-1 USS Mars First ship to desert storm
1992-aug-27US AFS-4 USS White Plains while mooring in Guam was hit by Typhoon Omar and ran aground on the coral beach
1992-oct-15Fate: transferedUS AFS-5 USS Concord as T-AFS-5 USNS Concord
1993-aug-11Fate: transferedUS AFS-6 USS San Diego to T-AFS-6 USNS San Diego
1993-sepFate: transferedUS AFS-7 USS San Jose to T-AFS-7 USNS San Jose
1994-may-26DecommissionedUS AFS-2 USS Sylvania
1994-may-26StruckUS AFS-2 USS Sylvania
1994-sepDecommissionedUS AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls
1994-sep-23Fate: transferedUS AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls to USNS Niagara Falls (T-AFS-3)
1995-apr-17DecommissionedUS AFS-4 USS White Plains
1995-aug-24StruckUS AFS-4 USS White Plains
1997-dec-10DecommissionedUS T-AFS-6 USNS San Diego
1998-feb-19DecommissionedUS AFS-1 USS Mars
2001-jul-28Fate: scrappedUS AFS-2 USS Sylvania
2002Fate: sunkUS AFS-4 USS White Plains as target
2003-sep-8StruckUS T-AFS-6 USNS San Diego
2004-may-24StruckUS AFS-1 USS Mars
2006-apr-9Fate: scrappedUS T-AFS-6 USNS San Diego at Philadelphia
2006-jul-15Fate: sunkUS AFS-1 USS Mars sunk off Hawaii as a torpedo target during RIMPAC 2006
2008-sepStruckUS T-AFS-3 USNS Niagara Falls
2009-aug-18DecommissionedUS T-AFS-5 USNS Concord
2012-aug-12Fate: sunkUS T-AFS-3 USNS Niagara Falls Sunk as target off Hawaii RIMPAC 2012
2012-aug-17Fate: sunkUS T-AFS-5 USNS Concord Sunk by torpedo. SINKEX exercise. Off the coast of Kauai.

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